How to choose the perfect faucet for the bathroom?

Bathroom for many is not just a place where they wash away the dirt accumulated during the day, and an oasis of purity and tranquility.Therefore, the design of the bathroom is given not less attention than the other rooms in the house.

Many of us think that to choose a faucet for the bathroom did not take them long.But this belief is not true, because now manufacturers offer a huge range of mixers that can be very stylish bathroom decoration, so to come to this choice is very serious.

So, before you buy a faucet for the bathroom, you should know the differences between the mixers from each other:
Mixers differ:

1.Po mounting method:
-smesitel mounted on the sink;
-smesitel mounted on the bathroom wall.
first option is much more preferable, since almost all the shells to make a special hole for the faucet, and the second type of installation have to drill the holes for fastening.
2. By type:
-dzhoystikovye or-lever, that is a handle that when you turn in a certain direction can adjust the hot and cold water;

with sensory faucets are the most expensive type mixers.The principle of operation is quite simple: people just bring your hands, and special sensors that react to the movement include water;
-dvuhventilnye ie taps with hot and cold water are placed on either side of the mixer.
3. In the presence of additional features and functionality:
-smesiteli with shower;
-smesiteli without shower;
-smesiteli thermostats;
-smesiteli with several spouts.
4. By type of seals:
-with rubber gaskets;
c ceramic discs.
It all depends on the quality of your water, as if the water is often rusty, with sand and so on, it is most preferable to select a mixer with rubber gaskets that are under severe wear very easily and inexpensively can be changed.
5. production material:
-from stainless steel;
6. According to the company-manufacturer:
-Import: Grohe, Belario, Hansa.
The choice here depends on your financial capabilities and preferences, because almost all the manufacturers guarantee the quality of its products, which is confirmed by a great warranty period.
Before you buy be sure to pay attention to the following aspects:
-kran must be opened and closed without apparent effort;-No
means at work should not be sudden changes in temperature, so the progress of the work should be smooth;
itself-choose a mixer ideally suited to the design of the bathroom in their stylistic direction and material.