Immediate - it's what?

Quite often in life we ​​hear the words: "Oh, what is she cute and direct!".Let's understand what people mean by this term.

Let's start with an example from the life of

Men often do not take women seriously, and sometimes openly mocks enthusiastic stories of its second half that, say, Marinkin husband almost every day brings home a bouquet of flowers, and Katyusha pious recently gavea new fur coat.They are in the firm belief that those husbands - banal henpecked.

And unaware that macho confident that the majority of acts that they commit "independently", entirely routed and accumulated audience with them ladies estate.

itself - it is the kind of girl?

As a rule, we do not make a lot of difference between such concepts as stupid and immediacy, and in fact female nature contradictory and infinitely varied in its manifestations, than would be representative of the fairer sex or engaged in - work, housework, children, socializing with friends.One of the faces of the female character is the cutest immediacy.Such behavior is often compared to the children.And it is known, impresses with his ingenuousness and straightforwardness.

itself - it is first of all who is able to sincerely express their feelings a woman.Occupying a position a little inexperienced girl, adult woman gives a man who is beside her, a chance to show off an extraordinary, independent, able to take the initiative and make independent decisions man.Lady owning these weapons can easily reach many of the goals and the right to play on the male ego, taking off at the same time any responsibility for what happens.The immediate - a person who commits acts completely devoid of hypocrisy, deceit and hypocrisy."Including" the behavior of the middle a little girl, a woman is much easier to achieve any remission of sins and receive forgiveness for their misdeeds.

The special representative of the fairer sex

Direct girl - it owns some ultimate weapon lady.It has some unknown men psychological techniques that allow it to escape from problems, and always keep the back door ajar, so that in case something quietly in his escape.

reaction of women to the ongoing events around completely ambiguous and unpredictable.Flower blossoms on a bed could cause a storm of emotions of joy and light, and in five minutes she was crying over a homeless kitten, her whole being in this moment full of sadness because of the injustice of this world.Direct - the ability to wonder and to express sincere sympathy to the girl, do not hide behind a mask of indifference and insensitivity.All of this helps her get rid of negativity and cope with stressful situations.Of course, such a discharge is the most positive effect on the psyche and improves the general condition of the woman, a beneficial effect on her character.The immediate - a person who carelessly follows his inner impulses.

Good or bad?

But with all the seemingly indisputable advantage of such ingenuousness there is only one dangerous disadvantage.Immediately upon her indefatigable and inept use can develop into infantilism.This is an example of some immaturity or even psychological illness.It is important not to move that line, and then the woman will always be a little girl for others in need of protection and assistance.After immediate - it's not stupid, but rather talking and acting impulsively, without too much thought person, capable of sincere sympathy and good deeds.Her whole world is dominated by only one she led internal drives and instincts.

Now you know the meaning of the word "immediate".We hope that this information is useful to you.