Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow.

Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow, the Kremlin's least known, is the burial place of the dead.The area of ​​land in the seven and a half acres - is the whole history of the Russian people.

History of

Novodevichy Cemetery occurred near the monastery of the same name in 1898, which is located on a peninsula in the Luzhniki Stadium.The monastery was founded by Prince Vasily III and dedicated to the liberation of Smolensk from the Lithuanian invasion.

There are several versions of the origin of the name of the monastery.On one of them, it was the field on which it is located.Once upon a time taken for themselves Tatars Russian girls on the Virgin's Field.Another version connects the name of the monastery with its first nun - Elena Devochkina.

Anyway, this place - a rich history: not once burned the monastery, wandered from hand to hand, was used as a laundry room, gym, kindergarten.

Near the monastery was founded a cemetery for burial nuns.One of the first buried here the author of the Novodevichy Convent - NE Efimov.

long period of graves in this place was a little bit.But over time, one of the most expensive and elite tombs was exactly the Novodevichy cemetery.The graves of celebrities and public cultural and historical levels are there at every step.

whom were buried in the Novodevichy cemetery?

people from higher circles found their final resting place at the Novodevichy Monastery.They were statesmen - generals and ministers, artists and sculptors, poets and writers, academics and scientists.Buried at Novodevichy Cemetery identity known to many.It Akhmadulina (poet), Bruce W. (playwright), Chekhov and N. Chukovsky (writers), painters and sculptors Bubnov, N. Zhukov, V. Svarog, Shestakov.Many are relatives of famous politicians - the wife of Stalin, Brezhnev, Gorbachev, Dzerzhinsky.

cheap, and the more free places in the Novodevichy cemetery was not.It was and remains one of the richest and most comfortable places of burial.In this regard, the grave has repeatedly been subjected to abuse and vandalism.After the revolution, in 1917-1920 gg., Most tombstones, crosses, sculptures and fences were destroyed or removed.

History of Russia in the tombs

After the October Revolution the Novodevichy cemetery was decided to make the burial place of "people with social status."In 1930 the grave of Nikolai Gogol, DV Venevitinov, S. Aksakov, I. Levitan, Yermolova and other public figures have been transferred to the Novodevichy cemetery.The graves of celebrities are featured prominently.

Geographically churchyard consists of three parts: the old cemetery (1-4 th sections), the new (5-8 minutes), and the newest cemetery (9-11 minutes).Throughout its history it has expanded three times.Rests in the necropolis of about 26 000 people.

Many historical figures are buried in the old site.Among them - Mikhail Bulgakov and his wife, Alexei Tolstoy, Vladimir Mayakovsky, I. Ilf, Marshak, VM Shukshin, Vernadsky, PPKashchenko A. Abrikosov, Sechenov, LM Kaganovich, Molotov, Viktor Chernomyrdin, NS Alliluyeva (Stalin's second wife) and many others.

«New" area of ​​the cemetery - a columbarium for urns with ashes, which has about 7,000 urns.There is dust writers Tvardovsky and Mikhalkov, aircraft designer Andrei Tupolev, the tomb of the great actor of all time - Yuri Nikulin.Rest in these places politics Boris Yeltsin and Nikita Khrushchev.

«newest" section - a burial figures of Russian culture, among them - E. Leonov, Tikhonov, L. Gurchenko, I. Ilyinsky, M. Ulyanov, Nikolai Kryuchkov, S. Bondarchuk, Alfred Schnittke and hundreds of otherspersons.

Novodevichy Cemetery - tourism destination

Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow, one of the ten most beautiful and unique burial places of the world.It is a cultural memorial heritage of Russia, and also included in the UNESCO heritage list.

Not surprisingly, it is the burial place of the list of many tourist companies in Moscow.In fact, besides the graves of celebrities, the Novodevichy cemetery is filled with the works of famous sculptors and architects.Tombstone Novodevichy Cemetery fulfilled creators such as M. Anikushin, E. Vucetic, S. Konenkov, Mukhina, NV Tomsk, G. Schultz.Works made in new Russian style also used neoclassicism and Art Nouveau.

Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow: the mystery and mysticism

Earth Novodevichy cemetery in its history has absorbed a lot of human tears and grief.And though it may sound paradoxical, but many women churchyard gave healing and hope.Perhaps all because his fate, and the fate of the monastery, largely determined the feminine.Here lies a lot of females, who during his life was deeply unhappy.They loved and suffered, hoped and believed, but have not found happiness.Now the "martyr" are in a better world, and their energy is able to treat and heal.It helps to find a woman's happiness - to meet his fate, get married, have a long-awaited child ...

Not one witness claims that during walks on the grave sites were seen strange silhouettes and shadows.Perhaps it Devochkin abbot, which for centuries has guarded the land.Perhaps Stalin is grieving at the grave of his wife.Perhaps Gogol looking for someone who abused his grave?Rumor has it that when the writer reburied, his body was lying on its side and without a head.According to one version, his head was kidnapped by unknown collector.

most visited monument in the Novodevichy cemetery

Many famous people rest at the Novodevichy Cemetery.However, not all the tourists are attracted by such gloomy places.This graveyard - an exception.Those wishing to visit the burial sites of great cultural and political figures - hundreds.

Some of the most visited places - the tomb of the mystic Gogol, monuments Chekhov, Bulgakov, "Alley Alliluyevs" graveyard Khrushchev.

gather people and is the largest monument of the cemetery - the clown Durov.

a long time, after numerous attempts of vandalism, the entrance to the Novodevichy cemetery was closed.Now he can see everyone.

Excursions in Novodevichy Cemetery Novodevichy Cemetery

- cultural and historical heritage of Russia.It is among the hundred most visited memorials.Located next to the churchyard Novodevichy monastery on the street.Khamovnicheskiy shaft 50 (Sorbian passage, 2), metro station "Sport".Free entrance to the necropolis.Visits are allowed from 9 to 17.

According burial places you can walk independently or with a guide.Interesting walks through the cemetery holds the writer, historian and journalist - Igor Obolensky.Join him on a tour by phone - (495) 788-88-69.

tour of the monastery with a visit to the cemetery holds and organization of SUE "ritual."In addition, stories are conducted in different languages, especially for foreign tourists.

lot of interesting and informative stories from Russian know tourists who visit with an experienced guide Novodevichy Cemetery.Photography walks made on memory, as a souvenir you can bring your friends and family.After all, what could be better than a piece of history in the photographs?

organize walks in the Novodevichy cemetery is best in spring or autumn, when not so hot.

eponymous cemetery in St. Petersburg

similar monastery and the adjacent cemetery is also in St. Petersburg.Novodevichy Monastery here was built by order of Empress Elizabeth in 1746 - in old age she wanted to take the veil.However, she soon changed his mind, and the monastery was closed after the death of his last nun.It was resumed only under Nicholas I.

Near the monastery was also set aside a place in the cemetery area which is ten acres.On it were the burial since 1849.Novodevichy Cemetery in St. Petersburg was considered one of the richest burial sites at the time.

churchyard became the last refuge for such greats as F. Tiutchev, Nekrasov, I. Sadowski, Shchukin, V. Zhukovsky, Vrubel, K. Sluchevsky, Botkin, E. Eichwald.Many celebrities sheltered Novodevichy Cemetery.How to get to the memorial - not just tell.And all because not everyone knows about the eponymous Novodevichy Cemetery in St. Petersburg.

Churchyard located at - Moscow Passage, 100, k. 2. You can reach it by using the subway - stop "Moscow Gates" or "Frunze".The cemetery is open to visitors from 9 to 18.

Tourists on a note

For most people the cemetery - a place of sorrow and tears.However, there are graves, which can tell a lot about the history and culture of the people.Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow - one of those.It is included in the list of sights of Moscow.If possible, it is worth a look for every tourist.