"Renome" - a word borrowed.

One way of language development are borrowing.Foreign words sometimes adapted, acquiring a new form that is more convenient to use, gathering endings and grammatical peculiarities of the Russian language.Some units of language and "in a new place," remain unchanged, with the same emphasis, not inclined and do not change the number and leave.To those include "reputation."The word caught on, and today has become frequently used.

What does this word

Most people will rightly argue that "reputation" - "native" from France.The fact shows the emphasis on the last syllable.And this is - a tip for those not familiar with French citizens.Experts also making the translation, say that "reputation" - a "glory".Not in terms of worldwide fame, adoration - is the glory!

Renome - it is the opinion of others, the idea of ​​one person or a group of people business.And most "reputation" - this judgment is positive.Example: "My mother sold her necklace, but prepared the house for the holiday, and called all the people gathered at the birthday party every year.And, no matter how she was sorry her jewelry, she was firmly convinced: reputation, steady over the years, it is necessary to maintain!No one should imagine that the great Count genus has long been poorer and barely making ends meet ... »

Semantic differences between the word" reputation "of synonyms

entire lexicon is divided into groups depending on the scope of use.That is, the words for the same phenomenon or the same subject may vary the terms of those who use them.For example, finding out the meaning of the word "reputation" can create a list of synonyms for it.It will be: reputation, fame, glory, judgment, opinion, view.

However, not all these words fully correspond to borrow the words "reputation."For example, the "glory" and "rumors" are more suitable for vernacular explanations."Judgment", "view" and "representation" are commonly used, but would limit the circle of those who decided to join the discussion of the individual or group of people.The closest in meaning and scope to the use of "reputation" will "reputation" - these two words refer to the book, belong to the "high style" explanations.But even here there are differences.

using the word "reputation" and "reputation»

1. Scope use

If ordinary speech one might say the following sentence: "No, I'm in the club or foot, you know, still cherish theirreputation! ", this expression using the word" reputation "will look absurd and ridiculous.But in an official speech substitution is possible.For example, in the sentence: "This company has an excellent reputation!" You can easily substitute the word "reputation" of its synonym "reputation."

2. limit value

There is another difference in the use of these words.It could be a bad reputation, tarnished.But linguists on the question of what "reputation", the answer is that this steady for quite a long period of favorable opinion.

As an example - the proposal: "For the Romanian prince Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) survived a bad reputation of the evil and cruel man.He did not hesitate to dine among the bodies of defeated enemies, as evidenced by ancient records, he could dip the bread into the blood of the dead, then to eat it. "