What is the motivation for the sport?

order to achieve the intended results, or move up the career ladder to all of us need motivation.This applies to any professional activity.However, the sport is particularly noticeable.This is where the person works on the verge of its features.Motivation in sport - it's a great support to push forward.

Although it is not necessary to believe naively that the more motivated athlete, the better the results.No, it's not often that simple.Many come to the sport, but not many reach it of any avail.Because they usually consist of a large number of components.Among them are the reasons that led the person to come into the sport, and the goals it sets itself.

Why did we come to the sport?

as motivation for the sport may be to look strong, have a good torso or more specific desire: to be able to be wrung out "unspecified" amount of time, or to hit the target with the first shot.But what makes the person to do it for real, do not pass after the first failure?Yes, you're right: the stimulus!In addition to internal motives and external still needed.After all, the motivation - is something that is born within us, and the stimulus comes from outside.

Only the combination of these two components will lead to the expected result.

If you decide that you need to work out, you just need to build a chain of milestones that will help you not to give up, do not give up.To do this, divide your movement on a number of mini-goals that - it's your motivation for the sport.

How to make yourself move forward

Do not compare yourself with those who have long been involved in, in order not to seem insignificant itself.Do not look around!Look ahead!Let there, in front, it is the only way that you drew mind.This - a deep message, forcing you to act.And what else can be a motivation for men, it is not possible to play the muscles, to show their strength and agility to the beautiful lady?

And most importantly, to put a very specific task.Do not say: "Today I will do everything that is possible."It will not help you.Feeling tired, you tell yourself that nothing else can not, and the movement will stop.And when a specific task would be difficult to move away from it, is not satisfied.

Remember, your goals should be a little harder than you can do, but not necessarily real.Do not fly away into the clouds - so you only help strengthen your fears and doubts: "I could not!".

Everyone knows the adage that the journey of a thousand steps begins with the first step.This is about you.You drive - and this is most important.

Do not forget to praise yourself for every success, even if small - it will create a sense of continuity wins a great incentive, which also keeps your motivation for the sport.This will over time the need and lifestyle.Having managed to overcome yourself, you suddenly realize how fun it is: set a goal, and then go to it, in spite of everything!Your life is necessarily filled with new colors become brighter reflection.And it is, of course, not only about success with the ladies!

Let your motivation for the sport strengthened with each of your new achievement!