How to change voice in microphone for voice networks in disguise?

Today there is a huge amount of voice networks such as Skype, ICQ, Yahoo !, Messenger, Trillian, NetMeeting, etc., In which millions of people communicate.Many users at least once thought about how to change the voice of the microphone, for example, to anonymity, to draw friends or online gaming.Make it easy with the help of special programs, and the most popular ones are presented in this review.

Scramby (v

«Scramby» - it's pretty simple and compact program that changes the voice into the microphone.In her installation package includes 26 ready-votes, and 43 preset background sound, emulating an area where the user is at the time of communication, for example in to Skype.«Scramby» is a virtual sound card that is installed on the computer and is configured to work in programs that disguise supposed to vote.For example, Skype will look at how to properly configure the application.Once you have downloaded it, you must go to "Tools" and then click on the function "Settings", then - "Basic" and there find the "Sound Settings".Instead, select the audio input «Scramby Microphone».That's all there is now the task of how to change the voice into the microphone solved.The process itself is as follows: the original sound from the microphone, the utility changes in real time and by passing it through its virtual audio device that transmits voice communication program.The main disadvantage of «Scramby» is the lack of fine-tuning the voices (frequency, timbre).

Voice Changer 6.0 Diamond

This tool, which provides a change of voice in the microphone, has a wider functionality, and therefore earned enormous popularity among users.Here, in the section "Settings" tab, there are three: the first contains the basic software settings and control the microphone;the second is to select programs in which the sound should not change;The third tab - to customize the programs that will work with an artificial voice.With the function «Nickvoices» the user selects one of the voices that are offered in the standard application package.At the bottom of the window are located the tools to make additional settings (tone, frequency, etc.).In addition, the VC Diamond provided the recorder, record audio to mp3 file.This program allows you to perfectly disguise any voice, but its drawback is that it converts, in addition to the sound from the microphone, all the sounds coming from the speakers.

MorphVOX Junior

If you still think how to change the voice in a microphone, you will surely appreciate another application, by the way, is free, which is a simplified version of MorphVOX Pro.The program has a total of three voices - male, female and Tiny Folks.Despite this, a lot of opportunities here, too.The developers took as a basis the fact of the difference of votes in different people, but with the help of filters you can get a completely unique voice.The program also has special sound effects, you can create different background sounds.Adjust the application on the same principle as the «Scramby».

Conclusion So, how to change the voice in the microphone, we have considered.It remains only to note that programs for this purpose today, there are many, they are distinguished by their functional and most of them are paid.Therefore, the choice of an application think about exactly what you need from him.Indeed, in some cases, for example, to draw a harmless or friends to take part in online battles can do quite unpretentious and inexpensive applets, and if you have reason to maintain complete anonymity, then it is necessary to fork out for a more sophisticated and expensive product.We hope these tips were useful to you.