Self-interest as the quality of the individual

In "jade beads" hero Boris Akunin said that the reasons for any crime are "either Part or yst, either there or spine," that is, there must be passion, greed, revenge or danger.And he is certainly right, because the motive of many murders, robberies, thefts, fraud, violence and treachery is just greed.It is the quality of the individual creates inhumanity, cruelty, coarsening of heart, envy, treachery and thrift.

Self-interest - the idealization of gain. essence of this quality manifests itself in bondage will and irresistible quest to extract the maximum profit from all the benefits, advantages, and benefits of dividends.The emphasis is on some future benefits: get the approval, promotion, in short, to derive any financial or other benefits.In other words, greed is by nature focused, active and enterprising.Like a hungry dog ​​looking for a bone, greed seeks all over the opportunity to make money.Greed, avarice, and the benefit to the god and the king.She gives it meaning and significance of excess.Everything else takes a back seat, it is a minor or de minimis.Many of our actions are self-serving.We work for wages.Saturday - a labor of love.Recall the line Mayakovsky: "Work hard, work wearies.For it is no cents.But we are working, if we make the greatest epic. "If we do something for others without waiting for approval of honors and rewards, then our actions are selfless character.His mother fed the baby and her husband cooked dinner just out of love, without waiting for the approval or any compensation.

In normal human greed is nothing unnatural.A man meets a woman, someone gets a job.In all this there is greed, and that's fine.Another thing, when the promotion is not squeamish person by any means - podsizhivaet, cavil competitors and substitutes, that is, act meanly.His indiscretions dictated thirst for profit he will extract from his new position.There is nothing wrong with the desire for career growth.But when greed attached excessive importance when it affects other people, when her love (greed), then we are dealing with a pernicious passion.If the word "self-interest" to remove the letter "c", we get the essence of this concept - fall greedily to the trough and never break away from him.

Self-interest covers both Incoming and debit transactions, that is, extended to accumulation and consumption.On the red too, can benefit.For example, a collector bought a thousand copies all brands, burned it, leaving a single mark.Other collectors harmed - they will never be able to assemble a complete collection of stamps on this subject.At the same time, covetous, having a unique brand, can get for her money's worth far exceeds the cost of the entire run.Or an example.The landlord and the harvest of grain, despite the hunger, waiting, when prices jump.Self-interest is not interested in the suffering of the people, the main thing for him - to get profit.

Self-interest - it is always an act or omission aimed at obtaining benefits.Wishing the death of a relative for inheritance greed is not because there are no concrete actions to accelerate death.Anecdote in the subject.The family is dying mother-in-law, and suddenly said: "Look, a fly crawling on the ceiling."What in-law so tenderly remarks: - Mom, do not be distracted, please! "Desire in-law - it is only the desire and everything.Another thing, when the mother-in-law keeps the thirteenth floor of the balcony and said, "Another in my place would you shot or strangled, and I'll just let go."That's greed in its purest form.

Self-interest - a thirst to have acquire benefits under the guise of good to say about them: mine.Under the influence of self-interest becomes lush vanity, pride and ambition - resourceful, from the madness - stingy.It is always restless and anxious, do not make a step without benefits.Every gesture, word or thought covetousness shall bring tribute.It is like King Midas, it desired that all that to which it touches turns to gold.But self-interest is not stupid as Midas.When Dionysus left, Midas decided to check how it is executed at the expense of the desire of gold.He rushed through the palace, touching of all, by what took place.Thwart green branch with oak - is transformed into a golden branch in his hands.Picks in the ears - they are gold, and gold in them grain.Picks an apple - an apple turns to gold, though it is from the gardens of the Hesperides.When he washed his hands in a roadside source, water dripping from them gold drops.Everything he touched Midas, immediately drawn into gold.Convert all benefit - the dream of the insane greed - greed.

between greed and greed the only difference is the degree of mastery of the personality.Greed - it's insane greed.It aims to get as much as possible, but this domeshivaetsya pathology maniacal passion.Miser different from greed and covetousness way to achieve results.She dreams of nothing to spend.The motto of avarice - own, but do not use it.Miser going crazy in their own way - not from savings, as greed and not by consumption.Greed, like greed, covering both sides of life - saving and consumption, and the fact it is greed.The idealization of possession or consumption is the essence of this concept.In contrast to the greed, avarice, often aimless, primitive, petty, stubborn, adventurous and not stupid.

Greed is not given to analyze possible scenarios for action rivals and competitors to calculate a few steps further course of events.Greed, like a child who has taken his toy says, "I will not give.It is mine".Greed because of their stupidity, conservatism and pettiness miss the benefit where a multi-way combination of greed calculate it.If greed is aimed at extracting personal gain to the detriment of the other, the greed of their worthlessness and recklessly, usually harms itself.When greed is under the closed doors "MMM", his colleagues say: "Our customers - stupid and greedy.Silly - because it gave us the money, and greedy - because demand them back. "

Self-interest - is to think, elite, entrepreneurial greed.The set of positive personality traits in conjunction with the self-interest are flourishing and are being implemented to achieve their goals, successful business, creative work and scientific discoveries.This leveled the negative side of such greed as harm to other people.The entrepreneur or scientist begin to accumulate their achievements and successes.Self-interest makes this hoarding power of intention, fortitude and perseverance.It adapts them: "You have to beat the competition.Late, will be the second.Missed profits.We must be bold. "At present the Australian kangaroo emblem as a symbol of progress.This animal can not jump back, only forward.Looking greed is always looking to the future.Therefore, out of a sense of justice on the arms of greed should be made an honorary inscription: "Go ahead."