Shredder grass

grass growing everywhere in abundance, can be an excellent addition to feeding poultry or livestock.However, without special devices can not do here.Significantly simplify this laborious procedure may chopper grass, which also improve the quality of the resulting final product will greatly facilitate the tedious process of grinding.

at the farm this unit is needed to grind dried herbs, going to lure animals.That is why many farmers who have a small farm, be sure to choose to have on hand this useful machine - chopper grass for fodder.

It works very similar to the food processor.Sharp knives are mounted in the cylindrical body rotates at high speed, lightning grinding straw, grass, hay.

Shredder grass copes with any starting material in seconds.

straw or dry grass, you want grind, put in a funnel located above, and comes out of the trash produced is located at the bottom of the hole, which is closed boxes.

Many private traders who have small livestock or poultry, prefer to build their own hands herb chopper.For this purpose, all that is at hand, for example, the case of an old vacuum cleaner.The only requirement - is the presence of holes in the hull above.Some even manage to adapt the old pot, the main thing that has a cylindrical shape.

motor that is inserted into the pulper grass should have a capacity of at least 180 watts.Only in this case it will effectively cope with the operation.

be separated from the motor pulley, which does not need, and then attach the motor to the bottom of the container by means of pins that will pull it.

sleeve, which will be fixed knives can be made on a lathe.The main thing is that it has a cylindrical shape and height of no more than forty centimeters.

Knives are mounted using ordinary water nuts up to 32 mm in diameter.

on the cylinder is made thread for nuts.To fix the motor shaft in the cylinder is necessary to drill two holes semimillimetrovyh, inside of which is screw-locking bolts.

Knives manufactured by a grinder of saw blade, put on the square, which is obtained by removing the top of the cylinder to the edges, so as to form a square.Their width is chosen, based on the degree of rigidity of the web that was removed during the deflection operation.The shape of knives is not critical, as long as they are located as close as possible to the bottom of the container, at a distance of approximately ten millimeters.

support platform assembly is made of rectangular profiles, which is a pyramid with a truncated top.Its dimensions are determined based on the size of the container, which collects the finished product.

Shredder grass, homemade or purchased in a specialty store, can crush and grind not only grass, but also various other wastes, including root crops for cattle.The main thing - to correlate the engine power, the strength of the material being ground with knives.