Fattening calves - troublesome, but profitable

In our country, despite the development of both private and commercial cattle breeding, fattening calves is not very popular.But in the current market situation, such activities would bring a good profit, you need to follow a few basic rules.

many farms from young cattle tend to get rid of in the first months of his life, so it suffices to spread the sale of calves.Fattening calves rarely leave.The fact that livestock producers are afraid of problems.Often calves eat little and do not grow.The result obtained is of poor quality veal - too large percentage of bones and small - the meat.

Principles feeding

But simply avoiding mistakes.Deciding to begin fattening steers for meat, it is important to take into account the physiological characteristics of calves.Their digestive system does not digest large amounts of food.In this case, inside the feed calf zalezhivaetsya forming toxins.These calves are often sick, bad eating.So youngsters under the age of three to four months is required to feed little and often.Feeding is best carried out three times a day, in the same way should be clean calf house.

In the first two months of life the calf to get him a good can gain by giving sufficient amount of skim milk and milk.Up to four months of age it is recommended to make a drunkard about 150 liters of milk and 500 - to address.We should not forget about the plant feed.It is mandatory to the age of ten to develop stomach should accustom the calf to the hay.This will ensure better quality fattening steers.

raised for meat can be both steers and heifers.For best results, it is important to remember that much better than increasing the weight of uncastrated animals.Compared with castrates year after their birth weight by an average of more than twenty kilograms.Furthermore, if the conduct fattening steers, castrated at the age of three months, increasing the risk of obesity.

better castrated animals aged six months to a year.In this case the bull gonads have time to play a role.Skeletal muscle and directly the calf skeleton at this age will have time to develop.


summer in the diet fattening calves is recommended to introduce a variety of the most affordable greens, winter for these purposes should be fine silage, hay and silage.In early autumn helpful to fatten cattle variety of vegetables.This root is recommended to wash and cut immediately before feeding.

is important to ensure a sufficient amount of protein, vitamins, trace elements in the diet of fattening animals.This will help achieve rapid weight gain.

Thus, fattening steers in both farming and small-time farm can provide relatively high returns.The main thing is to approach this process responsibly and observe a few simple principles.