How to bake bread in multivarka "Redmond."

Bread in multivarka "Redmond" always turns out very tasty and fragrant.In addition, prepare a flour products in the modern kitchen devices quite easy.Today we present to your attention two different ways of how to make white and rye bread.Which one furnace for their friends and relatives - up to you.

Step bread recipe in multivarka "Redmond»

cooking is desirable product of flour.After all, the only way you get the white and magnificent bread, which you can not only eat with the second and first courses, but also make him a hearty sandwiches.

required components for product

to bake white bread multivarka "Redmond", you must prepare the following items:

  • low-fat milk or plain water (available 50/50) - 500 ml;
  • instant yeast - dessert spoon;
  • salt small sodium - a small spoon full;
  • sugar sand - a large spoon;
  • white sifted wheat flour - 800 g (until thick dough);
  • refined sunflower oil - 20 ml (for greasing the bowl).

Base preparation

Before bake bread in multivarka "Redmond" should be well-kneaded yeast dough.To do this, pour milk or water in a small saucepan, add sugar to it, and then a little heated.After the sweet flowing product melted in the liquid mixture to add instant yeast and wait 17 minutes.Next, pour the foundation should be fine table salt and sifted white flour.Adds the ingredient should be gradually, carefully mixing the whole mass of hands.As a result of these actions, you need to get the dough, which is only slightly sticks to the palms.

Exposure bases warm

to bread multivarka "Redmond" has turned lush and soft yeast dough, be sure to stand in the heat for about one hour.For this we use modern kitchen gadget.Thus, the cup should be well lubricated Multivarki refined oil, and then put in a foundation, close the lid and turn on the heating on the quarter hour.After that, it is desirable to suspend the program, and the dough stand for a further 45 minutes.During this time the yeast framework should well up.

Heat treatment

After you have done all the above steps, multivarku should be put in the baking mode for exactly 60 minutes.After this time hlebushek almost cooked and become rosy.Further, it is recommended to gently flip it to evenly baked and bought a beautiful and correct form.On the reverse side of the bread is desirable to prepare in the same program for another half hour.The result is a crisp and rosy flour products, which is especially tasty when hot.

delicious rye bread multivarka "Redmond»

Presented preparing flour products almost the same as the previous bread.However, the methods of mixing and aging test in these options are slightly different.

So, to prepare dark bread multivarka "Redmond", you will need:

  • light wheat flour - 2 cups;
  • rye flour, meal - 700 g (until thick dough);
  • sugar sand - a large spoon (you can and a half);
  • raisins brown or black seedless - ½ cup;
  • granulated yeast - full teaspoon;
  • salt - small spoon;
  • refined vegetable oil - a little (for greasing the bowl);
  • warm boiled water - 600 ml.

process of kneading

Before using multivarku for baking rye products should be thoroughly kneaded basis.This requires warm pour the boiled water into the pot, and then dissolve it in granulated sugar and yeast.To the last component of a well vzbuh, packaging, it is desirable to put on a quarter of an hour near the battery.Then pour in the pan must be table salt, then slowly add white and rye flour, thoroughly kneading the dough by hand.

If you want more sweet and delicious brown bread, the foundation recommended to additionally pour brown or black seedless raisins.However, this need to sort dried, cleaned of twigs, and then washed, scalded with boiling water and leave it for 20 minutes.Then again, the raisins should be rinsed in a sieve, shake well, depriving it of its most liquid and add to the foundation.This dough must be mixed so that the dried fruits were distributed evenly over it.Further, the foundation is required to put in a warm place where it is desirable to stand for about an hour.This test should be periodically beating her hands, that it does not "escape" through the edges of dishes.

Heat treatment

Bake bread in multivarka "Redmond" quite easily, especially when the process of mixing the basics behind.But that such a dark flour products to get the most lush, it is recommended that an additional stand in the heat just before the heat treatment.For this cup of the kitchen unit must be completely grease with vegetable oil and then roll up from the base of a small ball and place in a container.It is worth noting that multivarka test should be filled no more than ½ part.After all, the foundation of the future will rise even more.After this cooking apparatus is required to close and turn on heating for 10 minutes.Next, the program should be suspended and prefabricated stand in this position for half an hour.After this time multivarku need to put in the baking mode by setting the timer on the hour.If desired, the preparation of dark bread may be increased by another 15-30 minutes.

After the heat treatment of brown bread with raisins should be carefully removed from the container and then apply directly to the table hot.

Useful tips housewives

Rye flour products cooked using Multivarki yourself, you get a delicious and flavorful, if it is based not only add raisins and fragrant spices.The same applies to the white wheat bread.However, instead of spice in it are advised to pour chopped nuts, lemon zest or candied.Bon Appetit!