How to remove glue from clothing: methods and tips

Everyone knows that working with glue need to very carefully, but not all get to stick to this rule.Often, because of the awkward movement can get additional "decoration" on clothes in a spot.In this article, we'll show you how to remove the glue from clothes.

How to bring traces of PVA

If there are stains on the clothing of PVA glue, they can bring simple improvised means that are available in every home.You must first try to wash with warm water white trail.If the stain is old, it needs a little dirty place lather soap and gently rub with a brush so as not to damage the structure of the tissue.If a thing is sewed of thin delicate material, it is better a little soap and rub the stain lightly.

There are other methods, such as wash off the glue.It can be deduced if to wipe contaminated place dish detergent or vinegar.Also stains PVA outputted liquids which contain alcohol.After processing the tissue products it needs to soak for two hours in the pelvis with water and detergent.Next thing you need to rinse in cold water.

spots of glue "Moment»

little harder to bring traces of glue "Moment".If soiled synthetic fabric, in which case you need to use refined petrol or acetone.First should be wiped with a cotton swab dipped in a place with a spot, and then thoroughly wash your clothes.

For those who do not know how to get the glue from clothes made of wool, velvet or silk, we recommend a more sparing agent.For such webs may be used citric acid solution.To prepare it, you need to 0.5 liters of water to dissolve one tablespoon of citric acid, and then dipped in a vehicle with a sponge or cotton pad to handle contaminated clothing and wash the place.

Removing stains from silicate glue

Traces of silicate glue is removed by soda.To do this in a bowl of warm water and add a few tablespoons of baking soda and a little washing powder.In this liquid to soak clothes at least 2 hours.When a thing is as it should pomoknet, you can try rubbing the stain your hands.If the adhesive is difficult to remove, it is possible to use a brush.

There is another simple method to remove the glue from clothes.First you need to soften the stain with hot water and then try to remove the glue soaked blunt part of the knife.Remains of contamination can be displayed with acetone or gasoline.This method is effective in the fight against old stained by silicate glue.

stains wood glue

Print this kind of pollution you can use warm soapy water.To do this, soak a small piece of soap in the water and soak in it the piece of clothing on which there are stains from the glue.After 4 h, the clothes should be washed and rinsed.

Often there are situations when patches were for a long time, and people had forgotten all about them.How to remove glue from clothing, if it is already stale?In such cases, it should definitely soften the stain and brushed off his blunt hard object.Then you need to gently clean the contaminated area with a brush for clothes and wash the product normally.

stains "Superglue"

-strength adhesives, allowing a few seconds to bond virtually any material cause stains that bring the most difficult.Such common adhesives as "Second», «Cyjanopan», «Eurostar» and others leave traces that are difficult to remove from any surface, whether it be fabric, plastic or even wood.

Fresh stains "Superglue" You can try to bring the solvent or acetone.But it should be done carefully so as not to leave stains on the fabric.In this case, it is recommended to test the effect of solvent on an inconspicuous area of ​​the fabric.If the result from the use of this tool is positive, then we can safely proceed to the treatment of contaminated places.After cleaning, be sure to rinse with plain water station.How to remove the adhesive from the clothes, which reacts with the solvent?In such cases it is necessary to use vinegar solution.In a glass of water add 1 tbsp.l.vinegar and carefully wet land with traces of glue.

method of removing stains from kozeina

remove stains such origin can only be cleaned with gasoline, ammonia or glycerol.Choosing the right tool, you need to wet a cotton ball in it and well handle the dirty part of the product.Then you need to drench the place means and leave for half an hour, so that it worked as it should.

Removing stains from the glue plant

Before removing these stains to be removed from clothing frozen crust of adhesive.Then you need to use a special solution: Mix 2.5 Art.l.distilled water, 1st.l.alcohol and 10 g of ammonia soda.To this solution to dip a cotton swab and clean place to spot.Then rinse with plenty of water and sprinkle the treated area with talc.This recipe is the answer to the question of how to remove the glue from clothes.With spots on the plant-based funds he manages well.

technology spotting

Before you bring the glue from clothes, you should determine the type and composition of the stained fabric glue.This data is important to select the appropriate method of stain removal.Then you have to apply a little ready money on the wrong side of the product and leave for a few minutes.If the vehicle during this time does not damage the fabric, so it can be used on the front of the garment.To conduct such a test is necessary each time to ensure a safe exposure to a particular tissue.If you do not, there is a risk permanently damage thing.

We have described the most effective and easy-to-use ways to remove the glue from clothes.If even with their help you can not completely get rid of the stains, then you need to look for specialized tools.