Dream Interpretation: Hospital - which means that a dream?

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Denise Lynn Dreams: The Interpretation of Dreams about the hospital

If man had a hospital, dream interpretation states that it should think about the medical examination and check the status of their health.The dreamer should also ask ourselves how well he takes care of his health?

karmic dream book: Hospital - interpretation

hospital is a place where a man is when he is ill.This image in a dream may indicate the dreamer's fear of the disease or death.Perhaps this fear originates from the deep human past.If you dreamed of a hospital, such a dream can still talk about the need for care and attention.It may also be a consequence of the deep fear of children.

Freud's dream book: Hospital - which means?

Hospital represents frigid woman or a lady, sensuality is still not fully awake (probably due to lack of a good partner).

English dream book: hospital - what a dream?

hospital stay in a dream foretells an accident or illness in reality.Successfully leave the hospital - to recovery.To visit a sick friend in the hospital - an omen of sympathy dreamer noble man, and improve the situation.

Miller's dream book: Hospital - interpretation of dreams

If a person leaves the hospital in a dream - which means that in real life he will be able to get rid of the dangerous and insidious enemies that are trying to bring a lot of troubles.If you dreamed of a psychiatric hospital, the reality is waiting for a strong moral power with which he will overcome various difficulties.Visiting the sick dreams to trouble.

Tsvetkova dream book: hospital - how to interpret?

Hospital can dream to the christening.If the dreamer someone visits a hospital or assigns to a dream, the reality he faces incredible news.Just stay in the hospital - an awkward situation, and lack of money.If in a dream a man locked up in a psychiatric hospital, in real life it is waiting for recognition, fame and success.Being a medical worker - a successful business.If you are in a dream ended up in hospital, then in reality you need to guard against the intrigues on the part of members of the opposite sex.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation: the patient or hospital - treatment

if the dream of a hospital, the dream book says that in reality you will be asked to provide the service, and you can not deny this.If the dreamer is in the hospital, he needs rest (there is risk of falling ill).If a man dreams that he is the provider, then in reality it will arrange the affairs of others.

Lofa dream book: Hospital - which portends a dream?

Son, Hospital, where yavdyaetsya locale, reality is rarely related to diseases.For example, emergency department bode well being significant for the dreamer of people and a good relationship with them.If you dream therapy department - a reference to the fact that the dreamer needs of other people, or want them to need it.