What does the dream book?

Do not be scared if in a dream a vision of a corpse.Dream interpretation of each artist interprets the dream of his own, and he does not always portend trouble or trouble.Interpretation of sleep also takes into account the details and circumstances of which were in the dream

Dreams Tsvetkova

if the dream of a corpse, it is a dream foretells a quick separation.If you dreamed a lot of dead bodies, but there are no bad feelings - a man fall down unexpected things and success he found in an unexpected place.

Medieval sonnik

corpse is usually a dream to any litigation.

Miller's dream book

corpse was dreamed up in a dream promises a completely joyless life.Also available are poor prospects in some commercial matters and business.The corpse dressed in black in a dream foretells the demise of a loved person waking dreamer.The battlefield covered with corpses of soldiers could mean war or serious confrontation between different political groups.Dead animals dream to various difficulties or illness.See the corpse of a relative - the deterioration of relations with him or suffer the disease.For lovers of such a dream is a violation of the mutual promises.Close your eyes deceased coins means that in life oberut competitors despicable person.Close one eye corpse coin - the possibility to return the lost property after a heavy, almost hopeless struggle.If the corpse had a girl in my life that this could mean that it will try to take advantage of the trust of dishonest people.If a store employee sees in a dream of his dead boss, the fan will grow cold reality to it, and if the dead man's head separated from the body, she threatened intrigue.If the coffin is the boss in his own shop, her personal problems affect the others.

Hasse Dream Book: what a dream body?

This dream dreams to victory over the enemy.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation

corpse in a dream, "warned" that if a man has on the skin sores and cuts, after such a dream to them should be treated with special care to avoid infection and abscess.

English sonnik corpse (dead) - what a dream?

This dream may portend a hasty and ill-advised marriage to be a burden and a wife and a husband, and not bring them any happiness.This marriage can be born very painful, weak and wicked children, a family that will make even more miserable.

Dreams Longo

A vision in a dream dead means that a person needs to get ready for something bad enough.This will affect families.If one of the children started coming home late - this is an alarming signal.We must try to prevent an accident.To dream about the revival of the dead man or just to watch him come to life - it would seem, the solution will have an effect.The first thing a person will experience - reluctance to take any action, as well as the temptation to escape from an old problem.But we have to force myself to not panic find its solution.Talking with the dead in a dream - a sharp change in weather.It also has another meaning: friend or relative of who had a dream, will attempt to find it, to find out some important question.

Polish sonnik

corpse dreams to unexpected danger.

ancient Slavic dream book: dead - what to expect?

This dream portends a happy and long life.