How to return the product to the store

By law, each consumer has the right to return the purchased goods to the seller in case of any deficiencies or marriage.Return the defective product to the store much easier than it seems most people are not familiar with the main law on the protection of consumers.

Under the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" every buyer has a full right to return the goods, even if the rules were not specified return with the seller at the time of its acquisition.The Act explains in detail how to return the product to the store if you are not satisfied with its quality.

In this case the consumer has the choice of strategy of their own behavior, if the quality of the goods purchased does not meet his expectations.Upon detection of a marriage you can require the enterprise to realize the goods to you, replace it with a similar product of the same model, brand or product.As an option, you have the right to proportionate reduction of the purchase price of the goods purchased.You need to reach a verbal agreement with the seller and confirm the written document to be signed by both parties.

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seller can offer you free of charge to eliminate all discovered defects in the goods you, or you pay the cost of correcting them by third parties.Your right - to agree on a solution to the problem or else insist on a new replacement product.Most consumers still prefer to replace defective products, as wary of things that have been found defective.

If none of these solutions to the problem are not satisfied with the buyer, he has a legitimate reason to withdraw from the contract concluded with the purchase of goods and the full return of money for poor-quality goods.So do not worry about how to return the product to the store because you have this absolutely legal rights.

buyer demand Seller shall return the goods to him, which found shortcomings.If you were not warned when you buy that in buying your product there are any defects, the default assumes that you bought a quality product.Therefore, the returns from your shortcomings detected, the responsibility for carrying them you will not: they are regarded as factory marriage.Any statements seller that you messed up this thing illegal.Before such a statement the seller is obliged to conduct an expert inspection of goods in your presence and at his own expense.Before this happens, you have no right to blame that particular failure occurred exclusively your fault.If you are properly treated with a thing and believe that is not the cause of its failure, insist on independent expertise.

If you are not sure that you know how to return the product to the store by all the rules, reread all the items listed.And also pay attention to the following fact.If you bring the goods to the store for a refund, the seller has no right to redirect you into all sorts of services, which can help you to "your" problem.By law, this is not your problem, and the problem of the seller.You do not have to spend time correcting the problem.The seller must first request to replace the item or return it for paid money.

How to return the product to the store if you do not keep the receipt confirming your purchase?According to the law for the rights of the consumer to a refund or replacement of defective goods, cash receipt is not a binding document for presentation.The seller is obliged to take back the goods without a receipt, but he has the right in this case carry out an expert check the quality of the goods you returned on their own initiative.