How to trade Forex

I'm sure you thought about whether really to make money on Forex, really?Advertisement in the subway, on the Internet, in periodicals and on billboards positioned trading on Forex as an extremely simple and profitable business.Apply leverage, bought at a low price, then the rate has grown, sold at a high price and got a fabulous profits in a short period of time.Is it real, or is it - intentional deception to lure you into the industry pumping out of your money?

I, as a professional trader of the Forex market, I want to tell you at once: to make money on the Forex can be, but ... An ellipsis indicates that, in fact so much "but" who are able to make this kind of earnings in the scam that they are even difficult to enumerate inone article.That is why the percentage of successful traders is small and varies from 5%.But as always, right?How many people have their own business, but how much is "working at his uncle"?I'm sure that the first no more than 5%.

All of you have probably read in the advertising, that in order to make money on Forex, you need to predict the rise or fall of the exchange rate.That is, for example, you look at the chart of the currency pair euro / dollar, and decide that the currency is expected to grow after some time.So you buy the EUR / USD, albeit at the price of 1.3000.The profit you would like to fix at the level of 1.3100, ieover 100 points of its growth.The broker or dealing center has always kindly provide you with leverage, iea kind of gratuitous loan (grant - means an interest-free).The size of the loan up to the amount in excess of your investment (your deposit) of 100 or more.That is, to deposit $ 100, you can buy and sell currency in the amount of up to 10 000 dollars.This will allow you to earn more money on the difference in exchange rates.

Compare for example, trade with leverage, and without it.Buying a currency exchanger, the leverage you use.Therefore, if you buy in the exchanger at the rate of 1.3000 euros, the $ 100 gain of about 76.92 Euro.Then you sell the euro bought at the price of 1.3100, thus earning 0.77 dollars.You are not impressed by the amount of your earnings?Yes, it is understandable.Apparently so Forex looks much more promising investment.

Now let's look at an example, the same when you put $ 100 in the trading account.As I wrote above, you open an account at a broker will offer leverage at least 100 times the size of the deposit.Thus, you have the option not to buy 76.92 euros and 7692 euros.Therefore, selling them at the rate of 1.31, you have already received 10077 dollars, of which $ 77 will be your (the difference between $ 10 000 a leverage of 1 to 100 initially and 10,077 after the completion of the sale Euros).Would you like to receive the $ 77 to $ 100 invested in less than 2 weeks (at the current volatility of the euro is out of the 2 days)?It sounds great, right?

But all is not just "in our kingdom."First, start with the fact that the predicted rise or fall in the exchange rate is practically impossible.Therefore, none of dealing centers who pay for advertising on the Internet, in the subway and on billboards not tell you how to do it.You may pass some courses, where you will be acquainted with the trading platform, with the specification of contracts so as to open the deal to buy or sell and how to record profits.They will tell you about some of the technical indicators, and non-performing methods of forecasting prices.Also you can show the impact of some traders in the past month.This yield is impressive, for example, it will be 100% per month.Something similar to the performance in my example.Only need to be aware that if the currency is in my example is not increased by 100 points and fell, you would have lost 77% of its capital.That's how these traders with a yield of 100% per month - players "in the casino."Ask you're dealing with the same center where their accounts now?Such merchants Forex one month make 100% and 200% other lose.The truth about the last fact you do not know.

As a result, traders are not really earn much, but they are.They can be found by examining the monitoring live accounts Monitoring PAMM-accounts.In my blog I have opened special topic dedicated to the results of such traders - advanced Forex traders - where at least the appearance of new information I have, I will spread it.You can always go to this section and look at the examples of trade of professional traders, who did not play in the casino and not make forex scam.That's why they do not have the breath-taking 100% return in a month.That is why they control their own risk and trading with low leverage, very far from 1 to 100. This is why large investors give forex traders such large sums of money in trust, whereby these traders live and do not live a good,very good.You might be one of them, if you maintain a reasonable trade and to control their risks.

In conclusion, I want to tell you that despite the fact that the Internet and other sources of information overwhelmed with information that will not allow you to become a successful Forex trader, but also with due patience and perseverance you will be able to find and create a profitable trading strategywho with reasonable risks will lead you to success and to the good life.

Earn Forex can be!This I'm telling you, the current forex trader.