How do you calculate the optimum height of the bath off the floor?

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Catching repairing bathroom, try not to let out of the hands of the measuring range.Precise measurements make it possible to arrange the most efficient plumbing and outline the future location of the necessary cabinets and shelves.In addition, you will know what figures to be guided in the selection of furniture and equipment, so as not to spend money for nothing.

For example, despite the fact that the standard height of the bath from the floor is 60 centimeters, can be found in the sale of the model 150 centimeters by 70 centimeters or 180 to 80. Therefore, before buying you need more time to fathom all this well.

So because of that there is a confusion in size?The reason lies in the small deviations that are acceptable.Manufacturers, releasing certain designs may slightly deviate from the rigid requirements.In addition, there are special models that focus on older people with disabilities.Baby embodiments may be generally lower than the usual 60 centimeters.

How do we determine what the height of the bath from the floor you will be comfortable?First of all, ask questions about whether you have a family elderly, small kids.Maybe you yourself (or someone in your family) are not different growth?Now imagine what it will be and every day to climb into them unsuitable for construction.This is for reasons of public services and to select the optimal height of the bath floor.Other factors, such as a bathroom scale, do not play a big role.

So make measurements with a tape measure, carefully grasp the meaning specified on the package (in the manual), the dimensions of a particular product.What else to look for?When shopping for fashion models to round decorative legs ask your consultant and whether considered in general terms the size of the product feet.The imported samples sometimes accompanying documents displayed height of the bath off the floor without legs.In such cases, you need to make some adjustments to their calculations.

in some way important material and plumbing products.So, light steel structure is usually supplied with adjustable height legs.But the heavy cast-iron models are placed on a support rigidly attached to the housing.Just the weight of such products does not allow to use screw mechanisms of transformation.The design is similar to the acrylic samples of steel "brothers."

How can that be if you do not meet the submitted product?The bath height from the floor can be adjusted.In these cases, you get a model with a special screw-legs-supports, they tighten up the process to the desired level.Either you are left with the second option.It is more complicated.It is necessary to raise the floor, and this is a costly exercise.In any case, all these manipulations thought out in advance, before you make the final decoration.

and avoid the common mistake of beginners do not confuse the two different indicators: the height of the bath floor - this is not the same as its depth.The first plane is measured by measuring the product from the outside.Starting point is at floor level, and the final - a side edge.The depth is measured on the inner side from the edge of the bath rim and to its bottom.