General rules for cycling

Cyclists developed special rules of conduct on the roads.It should be noted that they also apply to some items and general traffic rules that apply to motorists.We next consider the rules of safe cycling.


Terms cyclist (or cycling) include general provisions.They are equipped with the basic terms used in this manual.Thus, the wheel (recumbent) is a vehicle which is driven by the action of muscular strength person on it.It does not apply to this category of wheelchair.Cycle track - is an element of the road, which is isolated or constructive lines.It is intended to move the aforementioned transport drivers.Element marking denoted by a special sign.Pedestrians is a citizen who is not in the vehicle, but is involved in the movement on the road.As it also serves natural persons, he moves in a wheelchair, roller-skating, other sports equipment.Pedestrians are also considered to be the person leading a motorcycle, moped, bicycle, scooter, stroller or sled, not running on the roadway repairs and other work in the prescribed manner.Zone for such people is an area exit and entry to which is indicated by appropriate signs.The sidewalk is a road element, which is adjacent to the carriageway or separated from her lawn.It is intended to move pedestrians and cyclists in accordance with the rules set out below.

Obligations and rights of pedestrians

in the dark or with poor visibility when driving on the edge of the road or along the side of a man who is a motorcycle, moped, scooter or bicycle, should be designated parking lights.Moving should be implemented in the course of transport.


When parking or stopping the driver of the vehicle starts moving, must give way to the moving traffic.An exception to this requirement appears the case referred to in para. 125 of the SDA.By convention, the driver must give way to riders, pedestrians and cyclists, the path he crosses.


This element is designated as such.On the motorway prohibited the movement of road transport, pedestrians, riders wheeled tractors, self-propelled machinery, cattle drovers, transport, for technical reasons, unable to reach a speed greater than 40 km / h.It is also forbidden, and cycling.Traffic rules do not allow the movement on the motorway of mopeds and motorcycles.


During departure from the pedestrian and residential areas, as well as the surrounding area motorists must give way to navigate through its transportation, as well as pedestrians, cyclists, riders, whose path they cross.Push the car on the roadway is prohibited.An exception is the case of removing them to the sidelines.

Terms ride bikes and scooters

for the specified transport there are several different positions.How does riding a bike?Traffic rules allow the movement on this transport in designated sites.They include roadside, sidewalk, pedestrian zone.It should be said that the move by bike on these sites is subject to the absence of a dedicated cycle path.In the absence of all of these elements may be moving on the roadway in the number 1 within a meter from the right edge.Traffic on the scooter is allowed on the side of the road with cars or public road.The driver of the moped must be no more than a meter from the right edge of the roadway.Safety rules when riding a bicycle and moped permit an increase in the distance of more than 1 m at the turn, turn (where permitted) or around obstacles.


The guide provides an explanatory memo.Terms cycling prescribe the following:

  1. Commit leaving on a meter from the edge only to avoid traffic barriers, turn left and turn in valid cases.
  2. Columns of cyclists in traffic on the carriageway should be divided into groups.In each of them more than ten.Moving groups carried out at a distance of not less than one hundred meters from each other.
  3. If present on the roadway line road markings (horizontal), then it must be positioned to the left of cyclists.
  4. in dark time of the day or when not appear to the vehicle must be marked: front lamp (spotlight) white, rear - red.


Outside intersection in unregulated areas of the cyclist must allow vehicles moving on the road.When he crossed the carriageway at a pedestrian crossing, it should drive the vehicle side.However, his movement is governed by the regulations for pedestrians.


Terms cycling crossroad forbid the use of a technical failure of facilities, equipment complying with the requirements in regulatory enactments.It is not allowed to move transport without holding the steering wheel of his or lowering the feet on the pedals.Terms of cycling on the road set limits for cases of performing turns and left turns.In particular, it is forbidden to carry out maneuvers in the presence of tramway tracks or more than one lane in the direction of displacement.Terms of cycling in the city do not allow leaving the roadway in the ice or snow.You can not carry passengers, except for children up to 7 years in a specially equipped seats.Terms of cycling in the city do not allow the transport of goods, projecting more than half a meter in width or length of the dimensions of the vehicle, and objects to interference management.

Age restrictions

prohibited without adult accompaniment to manage individuals who have not reached:

  • 14 years - a bicycle.The exception is the movement of residential, pedestrian zones, sidewalks, and specially designated areas.
  • 16 years - a moped.An exception are residential and pedestrian areas.

transport admission

Terms cycling set certain requirements for the technical condition of facilities.In particular, vehicles must be equipped with a working brake system, steering, beep.In addition, there must be adjustable mirrors.Front retro-reflector must be white, rear - red, and the side - orange.

behavior during actions: Understanding

Conducting entertainment events involving cyclists carries a high risk to life.It is difficult to achieve coherence in moving large groups.Each participant shares a need to know and follow the rules of cycling.In addition, there are simple guidelines, compliance with which will ensure safety of human health and life and eliminate injuries.

Moving group

Terms of cycling include provisions:

1. Respect the distance.Of particular importance is the distance to move forward.

2. The rectilinear movement.Do not maneuver and move within the column.If you want to stay close to friends and relatives in the group, it is best to take the proper position at the start.

3. Movement within the group.If the column is moved along the sidewalk, you should not turn out to the roadway.

4. Do not talk on the phone.Furthermore, it moves on a bicycle in this case, attention is scattered, when braking one hand may fall.This, in turn, can cause injury.

5. Do not smoke or take alcohol.

6. Braking and rotation should be smooth.It should warn the other participants with gestures:

- while reducing the speed you need to lift up his hand;

- in the presence of obstacles (potholes, open the hatch and so on) during a detour should be pointed at him.

necessary to monitor the gestures of other participants, particularly going ahead.Violating these simple rules cycling, you endanger not only their own lives but also of others.

Moving volunteers

These active bikers give their voluntary support to the organization and holding of shares.Each volunteer is given a special vest with reflective elements.This allows you to select them in the column.Depending on the responsibilities of volunteers are:

  1. guide.They define the optimal travel speed at which people with different physical training will comfortably go.They monitor movements on the slopes.To avoid the "rubble" guides reduce the rate column.After a long recovery, they are holding a group waiting for laggards.Participants do not have to overtake the column guides.The volunteers, in turn, warn the rest of the emerging obstacles.
  2. Duty.This category of volunteers is built on the left edge of the column.In this group of cyclists stand out from the general stream of vehicles.In addition, attendants warn participants of the column moving outside the right lane.In addition, this category of volunteers ensure compliance with the order, taking care that no one broke the rules of cycling.
  3. closed.This group controls the rear of the column.Volunteers monitor the participants to observe the speed limit, do not stretch, and never left each other over long distances.In the case of a stop or lag anyone to investigate the cause of the incident.If necessary, volunteers are holding column or isolated from her party, who need medical, technical or other assistance.

Terms of cycling for students

Above it was stated that persons who do not have 14 years must be accompanied by an adult.In addition, the rules of cycling for students include the following provisions:

  • Movement of persons 7-14 years old are allowed on the sidewalks, in the pedestrian area.They are also allowed to move on Bike and Foot and bicycle paths.Moving on dedicated lanes, curb and roadway is prohibited.
  • movement of children under 7 years old are allowed only in conjunction with pedestrians.

a child should be appropriate equipment.Terms of cycling for children do not contain any explicit requirement that.However, the presence of a helmet, knee and elbow pads significantly reduce injuries.

Common violations

One of the most common is considered movement towards automobiles.Another common problem is the movement of a pedestrian crossing.If you want to cross the road on the zebra crossing is necessary to get off the bike and walk, leading him around.Otherwise, it may create an emergency situation.The fact that a moving man on a bicycle is not a pedestrian.And when crossing the roadway on his zebra driver of the car to pass him, in fact, should not.Very often in such situations there is a collision.In addition, cyclists often appear suddenly on the road.It also leads to an accident.In this regard, in the summer motorists should be more careful on the roads.