How to ride the automatic gearbox in the city and its features?

Every year the automatic transmission is becoming more popular among motorists.Of course, such a transmission is much easier to move around the city, especially in traffic.There is no need to continually press the clutch pedal and gearshift knob tearing.When buying a car with automatic transmission must first adapt to it, especially if you have previously traveled by car with manual transmission.Mechanically you can switch knob in the wrong position, press the brake or gas pedal instead of the usual clutch.Typically, to get used to driving cars with automatic transmission can be a few weeks or even days, and that this period has passed as soon as possible, you need to know at least in theory how to ride on the machine box.In today's article we will tell you in more detail about it.

how to ride a box machine?

Before starting the ignition, make sure the correct position gearshift.The handle should be in the "P" - parking lot (the same as the handbrake) or «N» - neutral (in cars with manual gearbox is i

n neutral).After turning the ignition key, you can safely continue driving.Remember that if the gear knob is turned on in another mode, it can cause the engine to shut down, and even failure of the transmission.

Driving a car with automatic gearbox winter and summer

If engine start takes place in the winter, you need to warm up not only the engine but also the box.This is done as follows.After starting the gear box is introduced into the "1", then after 2-3 seconds - "2", "3", and then turns to "drive" (D).All switching should be performed with a small interval of time, usually a few seconds.Once you enable D, hold the brake pedal in the clamped position for 1-2 minutes and start to move.

Remember that all these steps are performed in order to warm up the transmission.In summer, when temperatures above zero, you can safely run the engine and immediately include the mode "drive" without any expectations.After the gear knob is set to the desired position, release the brake pedal slowly, and then click on the gas.The machine itself will go without any effort.It is important to remember that the movement of a car with an automatic transmission is performed only when the brake pedal is fully released.If both are involved, this may result in damage to the transmission.

how to ride on the machine box around the city?

The city can be varied modes, depending on road conditions.At each vehicle equipped with an automatic gearbox modes 1, 2 and 3. These programs are necessary in order to reduce the load on the engine at high speeds.These modes can be compared with the gears on the "mechanics".Agree, is hardly an ordinary car will go to 1st gear at a speed of 40-50 kilometers per hour, when the tachometer needle is in the paint area.But on the third stage and the speed and pace will be optimal.At speeds up to 60 km / h is recommended to use one of two modes - «D» or "3".

how to ride a box machine in the country?

similar action on country road.Mode «D» provide a good vehicle dynamics and do not create additional workload for the engine in terms of turnover.

So we covered the basic principles of management of cars with automatic transmission.As you can see, learning to drive on the machine, you can box and go on their own.