How to remove the stomach at home

Currently, very fashionable to be healthy and have tightened figure.But what if your settings in the waist area far from the desired dimensions, and time and money to visit the gym practically no?So, we must learn how to remove belly fat at home.

At the very beginning of the struggle for a beautiful figure to get rid of the causes of the appearance of excess centimeters at the waist.Only then will you be able to achieve excellent results in the near future.Thus, if you want to lose weight, you should stop:

· overeat;

· buy food in fast food;

· lead a sedentary lifestyle;

· minimize the amount of stress.Maybe you're out of the category of people who have given the first item of the list depends on the latter.

Now let's learn how to remove belly fat at home.The first way - is to clean the intestines.Most often for this purpose is recommended to use ordinary enema and perform cleaning on the basis of two methods: E. Schadilova and Semenov.Restore the intestines can then be oilcake.It should be noted that with this method you will not only become thinner in the waist, but can lose up to twenty kilograms overweight.

now to find out how to remove belly fat at home, let's talk about food.It is very important not only part of the menu, but the portion size, as well as meals.Try to lay on your plate the food that contains the highest amount of fiber.But from the high-calorie and fatty foods should be abandoned entirely or minimized in order to fight for your flat tummy crowned with a landslide victory.Try to stick to a certain diet.It is not necessary to eat at night.Drink more water to provide the necessary water exchange activity.

Continuing the conversation about how to remove belly fat at home, let's talk about exercise.After all, no wonder they say that the movement - is life.Move more and to perform various exercises.Remember that you have to constantly engage in sports.Once you reach the desired result, do not drop the class.Just a little bit reduce their number.This allows you to save the results.

To reduce the size of the stomach, often perform abdominal exercises, and twist wrap.And to twist hula-hoop better in the beginning, since you this way can strengthen blood circulation and metabolism in the waist, thus preparing the corresponding muscles.Most often, the exercises are performed to raise the body or legs in the supine position.Do it better in the three sets of 10 - 15 repetitions, intervals between them should not exceed 30 seconds.In this case, you will reach a result in the near future.Do not just start with 10 repetitions, especially if you have not been doing.So you get tired very quickly and can not be repeated the next day the whole complex.If you perform all the exercises quite easily - increase the number of repetitions.If you will work hard every day, then two weeks later you will see the result on your waist.

If we talk about how to remove belly fat after giving birth at home, you probably should listen to the opinion of the majority of experienced moms and start doing the exercises even after you stop breastfeeding.Otherwise, solving the problem with a waist and abdomen, you will look for ways to improve lactation.

Now let's talk about the strong half of humanity, more of those who want to become thinner in the waist and did not know how to remove belly fat man at home?It's hard to imagine a man who will turn the house wrap.But all of the above methods it perfect.Therefore, if you want to be slim and fit, follow these tips and soon you will be satisfied with their appearance.