How to remove the breeches: surgery or exercises?

wasp waist, shapely legs, smooth skin, firm buttocks ... Such women are given the purpose of seeking to maintain your body in perfect shape.Although sometimes achieve the desired result it is very difficult.After all, it requires the use of more than one method in a fight against unnecessary sediments.For many ladies pressing question of how to remove the breeches on the hips.

way to eliminate this type of fat, there are several.The most radical and costly of these is liposuction.It is the removal of fat surgically.Like all operating methods, this option involves the introduction of anesthesia and a long rehabilitation.The effect will be immediate.But is it really worth the enormous effort - both physical and psychological, to resolve the question of how to remove the breeches?

less labor-intensive and gentle techniques to eliminate "lugs on the hips" are mesotherapy and anti-cellulite massage.In the first case, the destruction of fat cells under the skin injected mixes with microinjection solutions that provide the metabolic activation in the places of their localization.The effect is good, but the feeling is very painful at the same time, considering that anesthesia in some salons do not do.Much nicer to take courses of anti-cellulite massage, which improves blood circulation and lymph flow occurs, causing the legs and thighs are slimmer and more beautiful.Although there are some contraindications for such procedures, such as the presence of varicose veins.

for better and more effective result, along with the latest techniques, required to comply with a correct and balanced diet, and regular exercise.And exercise does not require any expensive costs without harm to health, improve the physical condition of the entire body, improves muscle tone and burn unwanted body fat.

How to remove his breeches?Exercise

Many sports are effective in combating the problem areas.Remove breeches is not difficult, if you like swimming, tennis, exercise bikes, running, basketball, or different kinds of martial arts.

There are many exercises that will help to answer the tantalizing question of how to remove the breeches thighs.Here are some simple examples:

1. Start with a warm-up: sit on the floor, spread her legs and reach for each alternately on the 1-4.

2. A simple exercise with moves one foot from the "lying on its side."This exercise should be alternated: 10 swings one leg and the other.In every other day it is recommended to increase the load, reaching up to 40-50 movements with one leg.

3. Squatting with arms outstretched and his back straightened.You should begin with a minimum load slowly.

4. It is necessary to sit on the floor, spread her legs, lean back in his arms.This position is necessary to deploy the feet socks inwardly and then outwardly.Repeat this exercise 5-6 times to start, followed by an increase in load.Ensure that the voltage is increased in the area of ​​the hips.

5. Sit on the floor, bend your knees and lift, arms build support behind.Legs with bent knees maximally dilute the side and to return to its original position.Accordingly, such an exercise requires the repeated execution.

6. A simple lesson: stand on one leg, hands on his belt.The second free leg swings to make in both directions.If the foot is tired, replace it with another.For the effect to be repeated several times.

7. Lie on your stomach, stretch your arms and legs.With each breath the most arch his body, letting his arms and legs up.And so a few times to start can be limited to 10 repetitions.

8. Jumping on the rope, running in place for 5 minutes.

Council exercises for beginners: to increase the effect at times, put themselves at the time of their execution dense and warm tights or leggings.Hopefully, this problem is to remove the breeches, soon will not have to worry.