Blind embossing - art technology of serial production

blind embossing - one of the most popular finishing process in printing, advertising and souvenir production.This is not surprising.After all, blind embossing can give ordinary products original, creative and memorable look.Experts unanimously claim that this method of registration is the most accessible and attractive for finishing products from polymers, leather, synthetic leather and many other materials.

blind embossing, which is based on the principle of forming a relief image by pressing into the surface of special stamps (embossing), provides a wide variety of designs and patterns, including various inscriptions, monograms, initials, ornaments, posters, logos and so on.P.This type of embossing is carried out without the use of printing inks, but in some cases, to make the surface gloss and the additional expression using special film.

dies embossing cliches are made of metal (magnesium, copper, zinc or brass) or polymeric materials.Blind embossing, forming only dented relief, is the antithesis of embossing by means of which are embossed convex image.

There are two varieties Blind surface decoration products - hot stamping and cold.The choice of a species depends primarily on the physical properties of the material, on which surface the embossing is performed.Press pressure is regulated depth of the image that depends on the complexity of necessary relief and the presence of small parts.

peculiarity blind embossing is that with it formed only depressed colorless image.But in spite of this, this type of embossing makes it possible to turn an ordinary serial product into a work of art of printing.The most common form of Blind embossing is used in the manufacture of wallets, presentation folders, diplomas, casements expensive or exclusive book publications, certificates.

To give the products a spectacular and vivid appearance in the printing industry is widely used foil stamping.The essence of this kind of embossing is to form an image on any of the sealed materials (cardboard, leather, paper, plastic, etc.) with a special foil printing.Transfer of the pattern is also produced by pressing on the special equipment, which is equipped with a press.

Foil stamping is a better alternative to costly different colors, containing precious metals.Anyway, the image is no less stylish, spectacular and impressive.As a rule, embossing is carried out hot.This method constitutes the most abrasion-resistant coating.Hot Stamping Foil is inherently a multicomponent metallic film, which in most cases applied a holographic image.This type of stamping is often used to protect products from counterfeiting.