Concrete: buy construction

Concrete and mortar have traditionally been used in construction for the production of solutions and concrete (composition: water, cement, solid additives and various fillers).Mortar mixers are different from those that may not stir the mixture with the major components, such as gravel, crushed stone, for example.In this article we'll discuss it on the mixer.

This equipment is a double-cone drum, inside of which there are special blades.It is thanks to it, the mixture was stirred under gravity and does not slip.Typically, mixers are able to mix not only mortars, but rather rigid concrete mixtures.More powerful equipment of this type is characterized by a continuous action, and has a volume greater than 300 liters.Such mixer buy trying any factory specializing in the production of concrete.

There is also a compulsory equipment.The mixture was stirred in it by means of blades which have a special shape.And they are assigned to a vertical or horizontal shaft.These mixers have their advantages: they are much more intense and qualitatively the mixture was stirred.

If we talk about the characteristics and parameters of the equipment, it can be considered the most important volume of the prepared concrete mix at a time.Thus, for example, mixers having a volume of 100 liters, are suitable for repair or small construction.The equipment of up to 150 liters can be used for the construction of one-storey and two-storey houses.The house is three to four floors can not build without a team of 6-7 people and a mixer volume of 300 liters.Of course, this is not the limit, because there are objects to the amount of more than a dozen stories.

Other important characteristics can be listed as follows:

- Reliability.As these construction machinery traditionally work in harsh conditions, they do not have to fail.Mud, rain, snow, low temperature - is a serious obstacle to the work, but they should not have any impact on the mixer.The same applies to machinery and equipment parts: they must be protected from deterioration and damages of any kind.

- Overall dimensions and ease of transportation.These characteristics are also important.Because sand and cement is easy to move, and the concrete is hard, the mixer is set to the job site.Typically indoor less near him, provided that there is sufficient mobility.

- Noise.The quieter the mixer running, the better, that's understandable.

If we talk about the cost of the construction machinery, then, oddly enough, it is about the same, and in domestic and foreign manufacturers.Among the Russian companies that produce these products include: Lebedyansky plant construction and finishing machines, JSC "AOP" (St. Petersburg), Moscow enterprises "UNIMIX" and "Antares Ast."Among foreign manufacturers single out: the German group Al-Ko, the French company Imer International SpA

Concrete above manufacturers very mobile and have small dimensions (depending on model).They are equipped with special wheels and handles, which allow you to move the mechanisms of using human muscle power.Such a mixer and try to buy a lot of construction companies.

example, Lebedyansky Series mixers RRF are familiar cyclic gravitational device with which not only can be mixed concrete and mortar, but also fertilizers, animal feed, grain, and other bulk materials.