How to eliminate the irritation of the pubic?

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beauty treatments - is not only an aesthetic need for the girl.In some cases, body care turns into a real torment.Take, for example, the procedure for getting rid of the hair so tender and intimate place like crotch.The consequences can be very sad and unpleasant.Rash pubic - standard and very common after all painful procedures have already been implemented.So, the horror behind and delicate skin looks awful.And if in the near future an important date with a stunning man?What to do in such a case?

To get started is to learn that skin bikini and pubic hair is much more sensitive, on the rest of the female body.Therefore epilation best done in advance and not against the responsible date.In addition, shaving the pubic area always brings more disadvantages than using wax strips, special creams or mechanical devices.So try to use modern means to get rid of unwanted hair in the bikini area.Most positive reviews earned wax.After him, the hair loses its natural hardness, become thin and soft.So you can forget about the bristles.However, an increased risk of ingrown hairs.In this case, instead of red spots on the skin will appear darker.And the inflammation in this case guaranteed.To avoid all this, it is recommended to use a soft scrub immediately before the procedure depilation.

irritation pubic will be less if before the hair removal procedure, you should be treated like the skin with ice.Furthermore, this will reduce further the pain.This cooling therapy will benefit even the most delicate and sensitive skin.The number of red spots is significantly reduced.In no case do not use blunt razor.Always change blades in a timely manner.Otherwise there is a risk not only the appearance of the rash banal but serious cuts.

Sometimes it happens that the irritation of the pubic is directly related to an allergic reaction of the skin to the metal razor or individual components of cosmetics for hair removal.Therefore, carefully read the composition stated on the tube or jar.In addition, a good idea to do a test for possible allergens.This will benefit you not only in this intimate procedure.In an extreme case, it is necessary to do both during testing hair dye brand new.Apply a small amount on your wrist and wait for 24 hours.If during this time there were no skin patches, you can safely use this cream.

Remove irritation pubic help as a natural moisturizing ingredients and special funds.For example, good effect gives the juice of fresh cucumber.In addition, now in pharmacies and specialty stores have a wide variety of creams, gels and balms that moisturize the skin, making it soft and supple, and to eliminate the effects of shaving or depilation.The worst of them certainly will not.If you want to know more budget way to get rid of irritation, try to put on your skin cream for children.Its formula is designed to reduce inflammation, even with the most delicate fabrics.Many women's forums are full of reports about the miraculous effect that the present application provides a dry antiperspirant.

Try resort to the help of professionals.Not stingy on the intimate area hair removal in the beauty salon.Be sure to inform employees that you have the irritation of the pubic.It is possible that the use of a soft and gentle procedures will help to get rid of these unpleasant consequences.In addition, in the arsenal of qualified professionals is always a complete set of tools after hair removal professional series.