How to play Warcraft 3 on the network: manual

already quite an old game of the Warcraft 3 has long occupied its niche among the strategies.Characterised by an interesting plot, good gameplay and a good graphics (at a time when it was created), that it has become a game in which all want to try to play, especially with friends on the network.There are several ways of how to play Warcraft 3 on the network, which we'll discuss later.

Requirements In order to run the Warcraft 3 on the network, you need a license or simply activate the game.On most torrent trackers offer any download.It would be best not to download the original Warcraft 3 and its complement Frozen Throne.This can be a pirated version of the game, and licensing.The main thing is to match the release version.That is, if you have a version of the game 1.28b, even from your friends should be the same.Otherwise, the Warcraft 3 will not see the games available in the network room created in a different version.Therefore, your company will need to download the same distribution or update their version of the Warcraft 3 to the last.You can do this by using the WVS (Warcraft Version Switcher).It allows you to painlessly switch and update different versions of the game.The main thing is for it to download files with different versions of the update.However, they often go together, and so.

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Local game

So, how to play Warcraft 3 on the network?You can do this on a local network.And there are two options.The first assumes that you have knowledge of system administration and is available for more than two computers.You can customize the home LAN between them.Then go to "Network game" - "LAN", you can see created on the second computer game.By the way, to create a "match," it is also necessary in a network game, rather than a single.This is a fairly common mistake novice gamers.

If you have a very large company and do not want to tinker with the LAN settings between multiple computers or laptops - go to the computer room.For a modest fee, you can play with your friends without worrying about the problems with the setting of the game.


Another method of how to play Warcraft 3 on a network.You can use a free program like Hamachi.All requirements for the use of exactly the same as in the first case, but its use will have to walk a few steps.

  1. download and install this program, you have to be friends to join her.
  2. Then one of you must be on the site of this application to create a "room."Free version provides 5 seats in the "gazebo", including the creator himself.
  3. Make room, you must include the "Hamachi" and go to create a room.
  4. Give your friends ID room, let them join you.

All you can now run Warcraft 3. "Hamachi" creates a virtual private network between your computers.Thus, a "local" network, and your computer will be able to see each other.Be sure to turn off the firewall and add the "Hamachi" exceptions in the antivirus.


This service, which includes hundreds of games.It is somewhat similar to "Hamachi" but connects millions of players from around the world.You need to patch your version of the Warcraft 3 until the last register on the site and Garena.After that, the client running this service, you will need to tie their game, but rather an extension of .exe file to start the game button within the utility.

How to play Warcraft 3 on the network using Garena?

  1. run the client "Garena" and pass authorization.
  2. In the list that appears, find the game you are interested in our case - Warcraft 3.
  3. Next, select a country and a free room in which you want to play.You can walk into a room of any country, but remember that with foreign players you can have too much ping, resulting in the game can slow down.
  4. Remember that the game will need to run through the "Garenne", rather than through a desktop shortcut.

We hope these tips will help you play Warcraft 3 on the net that will give you many hours of enjoyment!