How to make a generator "Maynkraft" and how to use it?

In the original version of "Maynkrafta" There is no power - it is only a signal that can be transmitted through the wire from Redstone to any of the mechanisms to activate it.But it is very limited - they are much wider, if you set a very popular modification, which has the name "Industrial Kraft."With this mod the game will be a lot of interesting innovations, among which will be a full-fledged energy that you will use to produce and accumulate.However, this is all very new, so you have to either spend a lot of time to deal with everything, or take advantage of the guidance.In this article you will learn how to make the generator "maynkraft" and how to get energy from it.

What is a generator?

Before we deal with how to make the generator "maynkraft", you need to understand exactly what it is.As you know, a lot of the new modification solves the energy that is used for the activation of almost all the objects to be added to the game.On the energy moving modern vehicles, it supports the work in your

home, even the most powerful armor that is almost impossible to break, it is so only in the event that it is fully charged.A generator - this is the object that generates the energy that you can then use it.That is why you definitely need to know how to make the generator "maynkraft" if you have installed mod "Industrial Kraft."Without this device, you can not move a single step, with all his knowledge about the original game, you'll look like a caveman in the era of the future.

Kraft generator

So, if you still plan to start striding into the new century "Maynkrafta", then you need to know how to make the generator "maynkraft."There are two recipes, each of which has the same result, but uses different materials.So you can choose any of them without having to worry that some will be better - they are absolutely equal.For crafting generator you can use the battery, three iron plates and iron stove.However, you can replace the conventional iron stove, but instead of three plates ready to use the mechanism of the body - that is the second recipe.The use of any of them will lead to the creation of the generator.In the original version of the game "Maynkraft" cobblestone generator already existed, but it was secondary structure, without which you can do without problems.There is no power generator, you simply do not vyzhevete.

Using a generator

Externally generator ready "maynkraft" like a furnace, but still a little different.However, it seems valid.When you put in the oven combustible material, it generates heat that transforms the necessary material into something new, such as a block of iron in an iron bar.If you use a generator, it is embedded in a fuel is converted into energy.And it is important to know how many units of energy contained in each type of fuel.For example, the cactus can be recycled in the generator, but it will only provide 120 units of energy, whereas coal fuel is the best for the production of energy will provide you with 76 440

Create advanced generators

All this time it was about the conventional generator, which is the base.But based on it, you can do more powerful models capable of producing and storing more energy when using certain types of fuel.For example, you can create a solar panel, which you do not have to spend resources - just expose it to a place that is lit by solar rays, leave it there for a certain time, and then get absolutely free energy.