"Oscar" for sale: how much are cherished statuette?

It seems that in today's world, nothing sacred - you can even buy the coveted statuette for any actor "Oscar".Recently in Los Angeles has sold more than 10 of these awards.

auction house Nate D.Sanders auctioned 14 "Oscars" and all of them were sold on Tuesday, Feb. 28, after a couple of days after the ceremony.

most profitable figurine lot was received by Herman Mankiewicz for best screenplay for the cult film "Citizen Kane" in 1941 - it was sold for a record 588,455 dollars.The second value of the "Oscar" - award for the best film (painting "Cavalcade" 1933), sold for 332,165 dollars.And the most "old" was the prize for best director for the 1931 comedy "Skippy" - a statue valued at 301,973 dollars.

"Oscar" for the drama "How Green Was My Valley" in 1941 (the award for the best film) went under the hammer for 274.5 thousand. Dollars.In total, this film won five "Oscars".

a result of the sale of all "Oscars" managed to gain 3,060,089 dollars.

"People are still fascinated by the magic of the movies, and very actively participated in the auction. The auction was marked by high demand for the lots and high prices", - said Mr. Sanders, owner of Nate D.Sanders.

But the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, is the founder of the award, condemned the auction."Members of the Academy, many actors and other professionals who have received the" Oscar ", convinced that this award must be earned," - said in a statement the organization.However

Academy does not have any legal rights to prevent the sale of these figurines.In 1950, the organization has concluded with winners of "Oscar" agreement under which if the intention to sell the statue, they should first offer it to the Academy for $ 1.But gone under the hammer in Los Angeles, statuettes were awarded long before that, so Academy in this case can not do anything.

Note that such "trade" was conducted earlier - in December last year, the same auction house sold the "Oscar" produced by Orson Welles for his screenplay for "Citizen Kane" (co-authored with said Mankiewicz) - statue went under the hammer for almost900 thousand. dollars.

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