What is the penalty for lack of sign "thorns"?

Driving in winter is associated with greater risk and some features.On the roads of snow and mud, perhaps even sleet, so that the conditions for the most suitable accident.And then for some motorists becomes especially important question: "What is the penalty for lack of sign" thorns "?" And in general, whether it is necessary and why?

Winter tires

in the middle of autumn, many Russian motorists begin to think about how to "pereobut" their iron horses.Firstly, no one wants to stand in line for tire, and secondly, it is believed that even at low positive temperatures, even in the absence of rainfall summer tires is losing some of its properties, resulting in a car loses control.Of course, still have a universal all-season tires, but the bitter experience of the Russians know better "change shoes" - this makes the trip safer, and each set will wear out more slowly.In addition, most have long realized that not enough time to spend one and buy a nice car - from the time of its acquisition, he will also become a source of fuel costs, accessories and service.And it does not cost you to be greedy, because if an accident even the smallest detail can be decisive.

spikes or "Velcro"?

Previously, there was no choice, so do not have to worry.Now, between motorists and then flare up debate on the topic: "Which is better?"Some believe that the "Velcro" intended solely for mild European winter, and just do not trust the technology, preferring something more simple and clear, but having good adhesion to the surface.Their opponents argue that "spikes" dramatically reduce braking distances (even compared with the summer) and are required only in circumstances where the road has a crust of ice.Furthermore, modern motorists in critical situations help to different electronic systems, for example, ABS.

Fortunately, winter roadway cleaned regularly so that such a situation is extremely rare.Another argument lovers "sticky" is that they do not have to put a sign on the car, "thorns" (SDA does not specifically refer to vehicles with winter tires of another type).Whatever it was, the controversy continues.The choice today is enormous, and it applies to both types of rubber as well as its cost.Meanwhile, for the opponents of "sticky" pressing question: "What is the penalty for lack of sign" spikes "and legitimate if he does?" Every winter, many face problems with traffic police.

speak about what is still better, useless in the discussions on the topic broken a lot of copies.Wranglers refer to the laws of physics and roll in specific terms, build graphs and charts, but in practice, namely independent winter tire tests, shows that the "spikes" effectively stops to disperse the car.But the choice is up to each individual motorist, as long as it complied with the rules.

The "spikes"

SDA contains this icon in Sec. 8 of the Regulation on the admission to the operation of the vehicle.He defines this as a sign of an equilateral triangle pointing up white in a red edging, which is inscribed in black letters "W".This stipulates that each of its sides must be at least 20 centimeters long.

icon becomes quite impressive size.Not surprisingly, many motorists do not want to use the provided SDA sign "Thorns".Fine and DPS showdown with them, apparently not afraid.Obviously, much more important for them a good view through the rear view mirror.Finally, many people think that it's just ugly.Something else to explain the absence of a wholesale mark "Thorns" is difficult.

need ...

clear answer to this question is difficult.The "spikes" as its reference in the SDA, originated in 1993, when this type of winter tires only began to appear on the Russian roads.Then she was in a few, but seriously changed certain characteristics, and therefore it was necessary to warn all the other drivers.

Now the summer or all-season tires in the winter - the exception rather than the rule.But the norm in the law left: when you use the appropriate type of tires sign "Thorns" is required.

... or not?

Here lies the curious incident, which generates the stage for heated debate and discussion.The fact is that the punishment for the lack of sign "spikes" in the Code of Administrative Offences (CAO) is not provided.That is, there is a violation, and the consequences - no.Thus, the question: "What is the penalty for lack of sign" Thorns "?" The answer is simple - no. But it is in theory, but in real life, as often happens, everything is more complicated.


Yes, most of themotorists preferring studded tires, do not bother applying appropriate sign on the car. Others, on the contrary, go with him all year round, even in the summer when they are using summer tires. And only some watch over the law, hanging and taking off when changing rubber, according to the SDAsign "spikes." The penalty to do with it: laugh at them is not necessary. They are by their actions not only worried about their safety, but also relieve themselves of a lot of potential problems with the police and insurance companies.

"Thorns"and DPS

Despite the fact that the law states that the sign is mandatory, without exploitation is not prohibited, and there is no penalty. However, some employees of traffic police still stop these cars, and even draw up a report.This is used as the base h. 1, Art.12.5 of the Administrative Code, which refers to the prohibition of operating the vehicle if there is some fault.Obviously, improper installation mark "spikes" or lack of it does not relate to this.Therefore, the penalty for violation of the said article - a fine of 500 rubles - in this case, irrelevant.Claim this can even pre-discharge protocol, but you can always challenge it and after, however, it will have to go to court.Be that as it may, the lack of punishment does not give the right to violate the law, endangering not only yourself but also other road users - it is worth remembering.

In addition, if the winter is necessary to pass inspection, tire spikes, but the sign is not present, then the ticket will not be given MOT.In any case it is better to play it safe and at least carry the icon along - just in case.And even better to obey the law and to establish it as it is actual.

When an accident

Nobody wants to, and does not like to get into an accident.And the question now is not about car accidents with victims and wounded: even a light blow with a little paint damage and dents unpleasant least expectation DPS and the subsequent registration of the incident, resulting in the waste of time and nerves.

And doubly serious is the winter for nelyubiteli "sticky" if it is not a sign of "Thorns".SDA and the Administrative Code, as we have already figured out, look at it through my fingers.But the insurance company - is another matter, because it is a private organization whose solution is difficult to challenge.And the current practice shows that the presence of one of the participants of the accident spiked rubber in the absence of the actual perpetrator of the sign, referring to this fact, it can get away with it, especially if all recorded on the DVR, which now have virtually everyone.And those who have suffered in fact, will be responsible.And it will affect not only on what is necessary to solve the problems with the UK - following a policy of bonus-malus coefficient would be more expensive.What to say about wasted precious time and strength?So why all this if you can set a mark?

Proper positioning

Where glue mark "thorns"?SDA answers this question is clear: on the rear window of the driver.The function of this icon is to prevent neighbors downstream about the features of the vehicle, so everyone who is behind this machine should be aware of what tires are on it to take this into account when planning their actions.

However, in recent years on this subject appeared many variations, given that the drivers do not like the short-lived signs falling off the end of December after a rainfall.Now there are pictures that are pasted on the outside of the glass, they are not the ice freezes, it is not difficult to clear snow in the morning.True, they are sometimes difficult to get rid of, but, as an option, you can use a special soft cushion in the form of an icon that is placed on the left side under the rear window and all perfectly visible.And in the spring it is easy to remove in the boot for six months, so that it does not pose a problem and certainly removes the question of what the penalty for lack of sign "Thorns".

Why is it needed?

Studded tires, compared to the "Velcro" significantly alter the characteristics of the braking distance, especially in cases of emergency.With the usual rubber is not very noticeable.But with thorns car stops faster and sharper, which can do a disservice to its owner.Usually in the clash blame the one who was driving behind.But, as already mentioned, the lack of punishment for the sign "spikes" can be expressed in the form of denial of insurance to indemnify the person responsible for the repair.This may subsequently result in much greater costs than fix the bumper.So do not ponder too much on the subject of the sign "Thorns" is required or not: until the SDA require his presence to better fulfill their requirements.

Experienced motorists in winter in any case keep distance where neater than in summer.Slippery road, rainfall and other factors do not contribute to excessive courage.But if the car is going to come, which is studded tires and hangs this sign, it is necessary to redouble vigilance and to try to visually monitor the distance between you and this machine.Even a small hint of inhibition should provoke deceleration.It is important to remember that no electronic filling will not save if their own decisions and actions of the driver are not conducive to the proper development of the events and the avoidance of accidents.

Pictures on the rear window

Unfortunately, this theme resonates with the question of the need for the sign "Thorns".In recent years, some people began to attract the opportunity to express themselves through their own decoration of the vehicle.This resulted in airbrushing, pasting pictures and stickers on the glass and paintwork.Of course, all this creative and shows just how unusual the owner of the car, and just sets it apart from the stream.But this is both a negative point, because such experiments can distract neighbors downstream, and someone wants to drive closer to see better funny picture, and this distance is reduced, and with it decreases the likelihood of a good outcome in the case of emergency braking.Around the need to comply with the measure, and unnecessary - though funny or original - glued to the machine useless.The "Apprentice", the exclamation point for novice motorists, get the right less than 3 years ago, the icon indicating the presence of TS children, and "spikes" - perhaps that is all that is needed for sufficiently inform neighbors downstream of thoseor other features of the vehicle.Good luck on the road!