Types of cylinders and hydraulic cylinders

Today, we can safely say that the hydraulic cylinders are used in virtually every industrial field.They apply to any kind of technology: tractors, harvesters, excavators, bulldozers, utility machines, forestry machinery and many, dump trucks - everything they have in their design cylinders .They are also used on the machines and industrial equipment.

What is the cylinder?

Cylinder - a hydraulic motor back and forth motion, where the function of the mobile node performs a rod, a plunger or the body of the cylinder.

Cylinder is:

  • of the sleeve (cylinder body)
  • rod piston (item that is usually screwed onto the rod, thus when moving the rod pushes the hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic cylinder liners)
  • mounting sleeve (eyelets, forks, pins, etc.)
  • rubber products and sealing materials

cylinders come in various types.Here we list the most common and popular of them:

  • cylinders single acting cylinders
  • double acting telescopic cylinders

So more.

Cylinder single acting - in this type of hydraulic cylinders, rod extension is performed by creating a pressure in the cylinder liner, and return to the starting position by a spring rod.

double-acting hydraulic cylinder - all here as well as in the previous paragraph, but there is no spring, all opertsaii osuschestvlyayustsya by fluid pressure.

telescopic cylinders - the name they received, because of the similarity with the telescope, in fact this type of cylinders is more tsilidnrov inserted into each other.This combination allows for small amounts of gidrotsilidnra, perform a big move at the expense of stocks.These cylinders are widely used on trucks and trailers for the lifting platform of the body.Divided into pendulums (ball attachment on one side

Today, the most common are hydraulic cylinders - piston double-acting hydraulic cylinders

order for you to make it easier to find and buy a ram that will suit you in all respects , considerclassification of hydraulic cylinders for prametram.

  1. First, determine the diameter of the sleeve (outer and inner mm)
  2. Rod diameter cylinder, telescopic cylinder if it is necessary to determine the diameter of its stocks (units plungers)
  3. Dimater lugs or forksfor a piston cylinder diameter balls, pins and yoke for telescopic hydraulic cylinder.
  4. distance lugs centers (axes) cylinder in the folded state in mm
  5. distance lugs centers (axes) cylinder in (extended stock or stocks in mm)
  6. Through deduction
  7. two lengths, one can determine the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder.

Knowledge of these parameters will greatly ease your task of finding the necessary cylinder.Also, if such a cylinder you will not find, and you need to be produced.that without this information you can not do.

now give an example of production of hydraulic cylinders:

  • cylinders for excavators: Stick Cylinder, Bucket, boom, supports Swing cylinders
  • tractors: linkage lift cylinders and cylinders wheels turning
  • cylinders Dozer: dump cylinders and linkage
  • cylindersavtgreyderov
  • Hydraulic telescopic forklifts
  • lift cylinders body trucks KAMAZ, MAZ, ZIL, GAZ SAZ and their trailers.

's actually saying, and all you know about nebhodimo cylinders.