Anapa resort "Hope": travelers reviews

Times change, go into the history of the state and the small island of serene happiness solar continues to delight us with their hospitality.This, of course, Anapa.Sanatorium "Hope", reviews of which often unfairly negative due to the fact that the tourists do not distinguish between the concept of a health resort and entertainment center for 75 years and continues to accept tourists differ exceptional hospitality.For such a large period of the personnel it has been a unique experience for the organization of the correct therapeutic recreation.

Sanatorium "Hope": the location

In order to have a good rest, do not go to the edge of the world, before you ever open the doors sunny Anapa.Sanatorium "Hope" (feedback, we will consider in detail below) - this is the heart of the city, its central part and pride.It consists of five buildings and is able to simultaneously take about 1,000 campers.The distance to the coastline is small, only 700 meters away.You certainly appreciate the surrounding nature.Around the resort - an amazing park where rare species of mountain-steppe vegetation.Next to the sanatorium is located antique architectural monument - Museum "Gorgippia."Flocks of swans floating very close to the sanatorium, always encouraging holidaymakers to its graceful appearance.More recently, in 2007, the resort opened a new medical building, which is one of the most modern in the whole country.On special request here delivered the unique equipment, providing the most advanced diagnostic and treatment methods.

Description of the complex

It is the largest medical-prophylactic center of those that offers Anapa.Sanatorium "Hope" gathers feedback from visitors in large numbers.The vast majority of these are sincere words of gratitude.Other information placed competitors or people waiting vivid and unforgettable show extreme, not a quiet holiday with your family.

As already mentioned, the resort has its own medical facilities, and medical equipment.This is not a sanatorium, where he knew the Soviet citizens.Upon arrival, the patient is sent to a modern diagnostic center, which will help to identify any disease, and it is the first step to recovery.In most cases the treatment is ineffective because of the diagnostic errors.It is unlikely that another such center, where he works as an experienced staff, boasts of Anapa.Sanatorium "Hope", which reviews read even abroad, has always been famous for its specialists.


But the holiday is not just to treat them.It offers guests ample opportunities to rest was not only useful, but also memorable.At any time you can swim in the pool with mineral water.Depending on your wishes and recommendations of your doctor, you can visit the numerous playgrounds and gyms, to spend time in the library.If you come with children, they will love the local water park and a special play area.

If you enjoy a sauna or a bath, there is the pleasure you can get on a daily basis.A rich bathing complex, which consists of a variety of steam rooms, will not leave anyone indifferent.You are tired and want to relax?The resort offers a choice of spa, gymnastics hall or fitness center - depending on the preferences of active and passive recreation.For a fun-filled leisure activities include a children's animation and more.Those who have been here once, be sure to leave the warm reviews.Sanatorium "Hope" (Anapa) - a center of comfort and warmth, where you want to come again.


This resort wide profile visit that could be helpful to everyone.Specialized health resort in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, gynecological and dermatological diseases.In addition to the classical methods used as iridology, acupuncture, aromatherapy and many other types of therapeutic effects.Like all the other resorts, "Hope" offers its patients a large number of medicinal baths (about 17 species).Commonly used treatments and mud-cure several types of massages.

To get the full picture of the profile of the sanatorium, to look out for reviews.Sanatorium "Hope" (Anapa) for the year takes a variety of patients, and they leave with a positive dynamics.These are people with metabolic disorders, chronic respiratory diseases, allergies and various skin diseases.Very good comments left by those who are treated chronic diseases of the spine and the reproductive system.Very effective is the treatment of male genitalia.After the joint rest here, many couples there is hope on the pregnancy and the birth of the long-awaited baby.This category of tourists never forgets resort "Hope" (Anapa).Comments containing as much heat and gratitude for the work of medical personnel and all resorts can be found at all sites, one way or another related to its services.


Despite the fact that we come here to be treated, the impression of the rest is composed of living conditions.And here at the height of the sanatorium "Hope" (Anapa).Reviews referred to the situation in the contemporary rooms and homely.At the same time the number of rooms are constantly being upgraded and updated, allowing the sanatorium to keep pace with the times.Despite the price, here is everything you need for a comfortable stay.This is a modern furniture and air conditioning, telephone, TV, refrigerator.Each room has space to accommodate an extra cot or sofa.

Camping site

you have never visited the sanatorium "Hope" (Anapa)?Krasnodar region is rich in natural beauty, here the clean sea air and sandy beaches, so you will remember for a long vacation.Since 2011, the infrastructure of the hotel has reached such a level that you can live a full life, to relax and be treated without the need to go to the city.With holidaymakers conducted various activities, it is therapeutic and recreational activities.Professional trainers outdoors spend sessions of gymnastics and aerobics, swimming and aqua aerobics.The whole territory of the resort - it is a huge green park, which is great for walks and family holidays.

tourist info

Do not forget to prepare all the necessary documents if you are going to a sanatorium "Hope" (Anapa).Krasnodar region is famous for its hospitality, but that there were no problems with the staff recreation center, you need to prepare in advance passport and insurance policy, vaccination card, a certificate from the dermatologist and therapist, who assured that you are in the last 5 days of no contact with sick infectious diseases.In addition, you should be on hand sanatorium card, which is issued not later than one month prior to arrival at the resort.Be sure to read the reviews before the trip travelers about sanatorium "Hope" (Anapa).Analyzing large number of them, we can conclude that it is an excellent health resort with wonderful staff and excellent conditions for rest and treatment.There are negative reviews, but the information in them, to say the least, unreliable.


This is usually the most difficult moment, as to please everyone can not afford even the best cooks.Reviews of tourists to the sanatorium "Hope" suggests that the administration is strictly monitors the quality of services provided.Especially here is strictly controlled by the table.The choice of visitors is organized three times a day menu for the "buffet" or "individual order".Depending on the treatment involves dietary table on request.This can be a 4-, 5- and 6-meals.Depending on the customer's claims can enjoy meals in the dining room or restaurant where your order will prepare great dishes.

services and cost

Those who are resting in the sanatorium "Hope", know that it is cozy ten trendiest hotels where thundering disco.Here rest completely different, calm and measured, focused on the restoration of health.In your application specialists organize tours of wonderful surroundings, orient them to the individual characteristics of each group (foot, car, long or short).The cost of holidays in the summer of 3700 per person per night.This price includes the power system "buffet" or customized menus to choose from.This value includes the same treatment.


lovers lie on the golden sand beach has its own fenced, part of the hotel grounds.But not every sea waves hit the spot, and therefore on the pension built a special complex water sports.It includes an outdoor heated pool with sea water.This is not a tiny tank that does not turn around, and a huge water area totaling 750 square meters.Near installed showers and beds, there is a small bar with soft drinks.And for fans of bubble baths there are three swimming pools, jacuzzi, to help relax.Come here to relax, and you will see that a better option than resort "Hope" in Anapa (Krasnodar region), it is very difficult to find.

Family Holidays

often for families with children choose exactly sanatorium "Hope" (Anapa, Russia).This cost is quite inexpensive family vacation.Children under four years old are provided with a special menu for the extra 500 rubles a day.Accommodation in the parents' room free of charge without a separate berth.If your child is between 4 and 10 years old, he may provide a single place and to provide power for 1300 rubles per day.For children 10 years pay 70% of the ticket price.Compared to other resort it looks very economical "Hope" (Anapa).Photo taken on walks on the park area will be a long time to remind the glorious.Your children will love the special tours and entertainment, water park and develop the program.It employs a nanny and animators who will give your child a real holiday, while adults are busy.

How to get?

route will depend on the item of your initial stay.First you should call the resort "Hope" (Anapa).Contacts administration: 8-928-041-04-22.In this phone you can make a reservation voucher.To get to the resort, you need to get to Anapa, the path can be anything: by air, road or highway rail.From the train station walk to the bus station taxi № 100. From here to the resort area can be reached by route number 2, 7, 9, 14, 24 to stop "Holiday Clinic."