How does ash cancer?

In today's world there are so many diseases that conventional medicine can not cope.However, each person can try to help yourself with the help of several other non-standard equipment.

Donald Porter

In this article we will talk about how Donald Porter recovered from one of the incurable diseases.What was the main thing in his treatment?Soda fired anti-cancer action of which 20 years has become one of the Italian speaking oncologists.To help yourself overcome this disease, you need to be treated long two weeks.


to undergo treatment, which employs soda cancer, you need to prepare a little bit.To do this, just need to avoid the monthly consumption of sugar in all its forms and manifestations.Then you can begin to self.

First Day On the first day you need one teaspoon (ch. L.) Of baking soda mixed with two teaspoonsmolasses (maple syrup), all mix well and drink between meals.It must be done twice.

day of the second and third

the next two days everything has to be repeated again, but it is necessary in the day to do about 30 deep breaths.It is believed that oxygen and kills cancer cells.

fourth day

medication taken in the same way as before, but now you need to keep your pH level at the same level at least 4 days.Here soda works against cancer, cooked in a solution, as well as products such as dates, figs, raisins, which should be consumed as food.It should also continue to breathe deeply.

fifth day

this day the number of soda in the drug increases.Now we need two teaspoons not only molasses and baking soda twice daily.

day of the sixth and seventh

Medicine preparing just drink a glass of clean water every time.From daily deep breathing (it is very important!) May appear dizziness, but this should not frighten the patient.So it can last a certain time.

eighth day

As further soda works against cancer?At this stage the drug dose is doubled when it is necessary to also take potassium and filtered water, is an important point.Also needed feasible exercise.At this stage, you need to raise your pH.

ninth day

medication taken in the same mode, but may appear diarrhea, dizziness continues.This is a normal reaction of the body.It is also important to take potassium and do not forget to breathe deeply.

tenth day

If the body difficult to cope with such a dose of the drug, it can be somewhat reduced (two teaspoons).Can be a little diarrhea, dizziness, may appear headache, sweating.However, the goal must be achieved: 4-5 days to try to keep the same level of pH.


worth noting that soda works well against cancer.Reviews of people who were treated this way - proof.Healing the sick in the fourth degree of the disease, with cancer cells that do not handle even chemotherapy.Take this medication should be two hours before a meal, be sure not to forget to replenish your body with potassium.However, it is important to note that this method has not yet found the approval of the local physicians.It is worth noting that the same principle works soda with milk against cancer, but in this situation the patient to cure it recommends consuming clean water.