Interesting facts about Canada.

Canada - the country "from sea to sea."So reads the motto of the state.Canada - an unusual country.This applies to political systems, historical and cultural development.

Base Canada

The story of Canada is to start with the history of its foundation.This happened in 1534.Home Canadian history - a French colony at the site of modern Quebec.Then there are the indigenous peoples lived.Formation of the British colonies in the territory of New France was the beginning of the Canadian Confederation.Canada (language officially adopted - and the French and English) is still a country of two nations.Some provinces, such as Quebec, mainly French, the majority - English, Yukon - bilingual.

name of the country has received from the Iroquois, who wintered near modern Quebec.The word "war" means "village" - so called by wintering, and soon spread to the rest of the territory.

Long before the colonization of Canada lived in these territories Vikings.This is proven by archaeological research on the island of Newfoundland.It was first explored this territory Europeans who sailed to the shores of North America.

Geographical location

Geography of Canada - one of the largest of its features.This applies to the area, the location of the territory relative to other countries, oceans, seas, poles.

Interesting facts about Canada:

  • border with the United States - the longest land border in the world.
  • Canada - the second largest country in the world.
  • Part of Yukon Territory, Nunavut, North-West, located in the Arctic Circle.
  • Languages ​​Canada is located in the Arctic, but they are not recognized by the majority of the world community.
  • borders with the United States, Denmark (via Greenland), France (through the islands and Miquelon Saint-Pierre).
  • in Canada is the northernmost settlement in the world - on Ellesmere Island.This is the base of the armed forces.
  • Queen Elizabeth Islands - the location of the magnetic poles of the Northern Hemisphere.While in 2005 it was stated that the pole "left" of the country.In Canada, it was about 400 years.

about the flora and fauna

third of the territory is covered by forests.Vegetation - deciduous and coniferous forests, located in the south and center of the country.

Animals in Canada: musk ox, caribou, bears, beavers, wolves, foxes, hares, many varieties of birds and rodents.The most prominent reindeer population - there are about 2.5 million species!

And here's another interesting facts about Canada:

  • Besides the huge deer population, there are about 15,000 polar bears.
  • snakes mating period is accompanied by massive displacement - in the area of ​​Winnipeg migrate tens of thousands of snakes.
  • striking fauna is a moose.Interestingly, because of cloven-hoofed occur annually around 250 road accidents.
  • Canadian beavers have built the world's largest dam.Length - 850 meters.
  • The rivers and lakes are home to one of the largest fish in the world population.
  • In Canada, some 11 000 spiders and ticks!About 50,000 species of insects.

Inland waters

Characteristics of Canada as a country with some of the world's largest reserves of fresh water, supported by numerous lakes - more than in all countries in the world combined.The largest - Superior, Michigan, Huron.Lavrentyev Great Lakes of Canada - a system of reservoirs of tectonic and glacial origin.

One-fifth of the world's fresh water in the country.In addition to the Great Lakes region, a vast network of reservoirs located in the Yukon, the Northwest.The area above the Arctic Circle is covered with ice.

Manitou Lake - the largest lake in the world, which is located within the boundaries of another lake.Manitou comes within Lake Huron.

in Canada is the largest internal waters - Hudson Bay.

on language and names

As already mentioned, there are two official languages ​​in Canada, due to historically.There are English and French with the dominance of the first.In English, the British used the rules of grammar.

French enjoys almost one-third of the country.In Canada, there are location, the name of which is considered one of the longest in the world - it has 35 letters, and translated it means "the place where the bait to catch a trout."

And a city is called "Saint Louis du Ha!Ha! ".No mockery in the name of not - "Ha!Ha! "Derivative of a French word which denotes surprise on the road or the end of the road.

state capital - Ottawa - originally named in honor of the military, John Bai, whose headquarters was located in the territory.First name - Baytaun.

The world's largest French-speaking city (after Paris) is not in France.This Canadian city of Montreal.


characteristic of Canada as a country that played a major role in the development of science and technology, supported by a variety of inventions made.Consider the most important and interesting facts about Canada:

  • Canadian poet Charles Fanerti first proposed the use of wood pulp for paper making.
  • invention of the electric organ, which we owe to Lawrence Hammond.
  • emergence of important household devices - such as electric stoves.
  • Canada first appeared kerosene, snowmobiles.
  • Basketball was invented in Canada.


social characteristics of Canada - a country with a high standard of living and per capita income.Density of population - one of the lowest in the world.

Canada - a country with low crime and corruption.Although there have been instances of terrible crimes.In the 80s here hunted the serial killer Allan Ledger, better known as the "Beast from the Miramichi."A series of crimes related to the disappearance of women in the "Highway 16" not far from Prince George and is not disclosed.

in Edmonton is the largest amusement park, located in a closed room.

Oddly enough, but the most common surname in Canada - Lee.Canada can be called "the country of middle-aged people" - the average age of people in the country for 40 years.

Most of the inhabitants are Roman Catholic, and 20% called themselves Protestants.In Toronto, the largest Muslim community.

The country has a high level of education - about 50% of the population have graduated from higher educational institutions.According to research by the United Nations, Canada is among the ten countries with the highest level of education, along with New Zealand, the USA, Norway, Australia, Ireland, South Korea, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Germany.At the same time the Ministry of Education in the country is not present!

The country has a high level of protection of the rights of women and children.

fifth of the population - immigrants from other countries.

If you choose to listen to music, most likely, it will be Canadian performers - they own about half of the airtime on radio stations.It does not distribute comics, promote violence, crime.

Political system and national symbols

Canada - part of the British Commonwealth, the State dominion.It is the formal head of the British Queen.The Queen's representative is the Governor General, who is appointed by the prime minister and the monarch.

Unified Constitution there is no - the legal system is based on a system of acts and other documents.The basic law of the country believe the Constitution Act, published in 1982.It proclaimed the rights and freedoms of Canadians.

Board decentralized country - it is related to the functioning of the federation.In each province operates a local prime minister and the legislature.

official symbol of Canada are as follows: maple (depicted on the flag leaf), beaver, a local breed of horse.Local symbols are: caribou, polar bear, loon.They are depicted on coins, postage stamps.

political development of Canada was not without crises.One of them - a separatist movement for the independence of Quebec.In the province's own Ministry of fees.In addition, Quebec joined UNESCO as an associate member.

Instead of conclusion

Canada - a country with lots of unusual features.

So, we continue to learn interesting facts about Canada:

  • More than 80% of homes connected to the Internet.
  • in Nanaimo hold annual swim in the baths.
  • In Canada, you can write a letter to Santa Claus and receive a guaranteed response.
  • The country has huge reserves of cesium.
  • Canada - the world's largest consumer and producer of cheese.
  • Canada - the birthplace of maple syrup.
  • There are very fond of beer - about 80% of all alcohol consumed.
  • national sport - hockey.
  • Until 2007 TV tower in Toronto was the tallest building in the world.
  • in Canada built UFO landing pad.
  • Ontario operates the deepest laboratory - 2 km underground.

To date, Canada - one of the most economically developed countries in the a special climate, geography, social development.