Muscat wines can rightly be considered the most ancient beverages, because once their aroma and delicate flavor enjoyed by the ancient Greeks and Romans.It was kept in large clay jars, pouring wine to the remnants of the old.Because of the high sugar content and a natural fortress of the wines were kept extremely long time without losing its excellent properties.They were honored at the counter, a pleasant aroma and taste of ripe fresh berries, is stored in the finished wine.

In XII - XIII centuries the culture of Muscat is widespread in the south of France.The priests learned to Avignon from Muscat varieties such wonderful wines that even Pope Clement VI, in 1348, bought one of the vineyards.Since nutmeg in this region still bears the name of the "nectar of the priests."In 1828 it began to produce nutmeg on the southern coast of Crimea.And very quickly they have gained worldwide popularity and won the hearts of many prominent people.

Muscat wine is made from the special Muscat grape varieties, which develops strong, so-called muscat flavor, due to the presence of specific compounds in the grape terpene nature.He comes from Central Asia and were introduced into the Mediterranean Basin Greek and Phoenician fishermen.In the course of millennia, it is very varied and evolved, adapting to different types of soil and climate.Now there are many varieties of Muscat around the world and they all share a love for the heat, the hot southern sun.

There are three main varieties of muscat.White grained Muscat (Muscat Blanc Petits Grains) is considered the oldest, surviving today.From him went many variations, such as Moscato Canelli, Moscato di Frontignan, Moscatello Bianco, Moscatel Menudo, brown Muscat and many others.A little later he appeared on the Muscat of Alexandria which occur Muscat Roumain, Moscatel de Malaga, Zibibbo and still many others.And the third - which appeared in 1852 in the department of Loire - Muscat Ottonel (Muscat Ottonel).

general muscat varieties of great variety, and no wonder lost in their diversity.So that this does not happen to remember a simple rule: all that is called Moscato (Moscato), Moscatel (Moscatel), Moskadello (Moscadello), Muskateller (Muskateller) and Muscadelle (Muscadel) is nutmeg.And all that is called (note the spelling peculiarities) Muscadelle (Muscadelle), Muscadet (Muscadet) or Myuskarden (Muscardin) - low quality of wine or drink that simulates taste aromatic qualities of the muscat wine.

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