The issuance of the passport and rumors

rumors that the issuance of the passport of the old sample will be terminated in connection with the entry into force of the new law on identity documents of a citizen outside the state, nothing else is just rumors.

issuance of the passport of the old type is produced for a long time, and do not plan to cancel it.It is designed for those who frequently travel outside the country, and is considered a cost-effective option.Its price is much lower than that of analog electronic kind.Variance of one thousand five hundred rubles.But the validity is still limited to five years, which is twice less than in the new document, and, of course, complicates use.

second type - "electronic" passport of a new generation.That the termination of its distribution were discussed.The issuance of the passport of the sample will be suspended.In place of this copy came improved sample, complete with a three-dimensional photograph of the holder applied to the holographic film.

new document, as well as its predecessor the electronic kind, will be issued for a period of ten years, and have more than an instance of the old model, the number of pages - 46 instead of 38.

issuance of electronic passport type of the previous sample will be stoppedand due to the fact that the new arrangement of the information carrier change, or rather the chip.Previously issued forms will be valid until the end of the term.Change to new they are not required, though not prohibited.

collection and submission of documents for registration of passports of both new and old formats are identical.An exception can only be called the size of the state fee and the quality of the photos.For a new generation of document you will be obliged to make a three-dimensional image in the department of FMS.Changes in the timing of issue of the passport are not made.And he and the other can be obtained for the same period of time.The difference is only in the departments of the Federal Migration Service: somewhere in the document will be ready in three weeks, and some only after forty days.

next hearing, excited the population concerning passports, appeared around the list of countries that will be denied entry to the old-style documents.By the way, as a list, and a reason to worry absolutely no, this is not nothing but a panic, which has no grounds.

get a visa to any country as you can with the new document and the old generation.The value has only the remaining period of validity of the passport.The terms of issue of the passport are strictly regulated, and that they can affect the visa.For this should be monitored closely, preparing to travel abroad.

It should, however, be noted that in some cities the FMS department issued the passport the old model only in emergency cases, which will be necessary to prove the documents.The reason for failure is the lack of blank passports.Although, according to experts, it is believed that this deficit was created intentionally to replenish the treasury by distributing copies of the more expensive instruments.

Do not trust rumors, based on the law and the opinion of the experts!Travel with pleasure.