How to make beautiful handwriting?

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Before answering questions about how to make your handwriting is beautiful, and if it's possible at all, you must understand what determines a specific style of writing, and that affects the formation of the handwriting.

Why ugly handwriting?

Many people once in my life wondered why someone with graceful ease wrote beautiful letters, and some, no matter how hard, still derive unintelligible squiggles?The formation of handwriting is influenced by two factors: genetics and upbringing.

Undoubtedly, parents want their child had a perfect manner of writing.Therefore, they are working hard, trying different methods of how to make beautiful handwriting.But do not forget that in addition to training programs in the style of writing is influenced by other factors - physical and mental condition of the person.For example, handwriting may change dramatically because of the trauma experienced.Nevertheless, organized person, regardless of the situation, always take care to write beautiful and clear letters.Thus, the writing reflects our inner state, and determines our character.Psychologists have been established: teenagers who grew up in a warm atmosphere, prescribed a clear smooth letters and their peers who grow up in a hostile environment, are ugly, jerky and angular handwriting.

Genetic factors are also important in shaping the manner of writing.Often, family members have a strong similarity in handwriting.Children in the subconscious, and perhaps consciously, copy brushwork parents.Therefore, adults should show by example how to write beautiful handwriting, the child.

addition, the handwriting affects human anatomy, namely, hand bone structure - depends on how it is holding a pen.Also play an important role hand-eye coordination, muscle memory and mental abilities, so the handwriting changes with age.It is worth noting that the age change style of writing is becoming more difficult because of ingrained habits and muscle memory.

However, all these factors do not talk about the global genetic influence, so bad handwriting - it's not a death sentence.There are many different exercises and techniques on how to learn beautiful handwriting.

What could be disadvantages manner of writing?

How to make beautiful handwriting?Before corrective manner of writing, it is necessary to make an analysis, and only then proceed to special exercises.

on a clean sheet of paper to write a few words and objectively assess their appearance.Possible disadvantages:

  • letters are too small or large, or different heights.
  • letters have a strong inclination to the left or right side, or tilt at all.
  • The pressure is too strong or weak.
  • connection between letters inhomogeneous or non-existent.
  • certain letters written blankly, some completely unreadable.

after objective analysis, depending on the existing problems is necessary to use certain ways of their decisions.

Different height of the letters

Learn to write the letters of the same height and size will help a special student notebooks - prescription.It all lined pages, and writing you will try not to go beyond these lines.

adjusting the angle of the letters

solve the problem with a slope of letters can help notebook in a slanting line.It is necessary to work methodically on writing letters and words at the correct angle.Graphologists say that people who have a style of writing with a slope to the right, have a warmth and emotion, and the people prescribing letters with a slope to the left - marked coldness and restraint.


Adjustment To adjust the pressure, you must learn to control how you hold the pen.It is recommended to try not to press it and keep at ease.How to make a beautiful handwriting?Solve the problem and helps correct posture, proper slope of the neck, the position of the shoulders, and the arms should be relaxed, and should be placed on the table.

Connection letters

If the connection is inhomogeneous or missing letters, in these cases it is recommended to practice "unseparated letter."It is to write letters connections without departing from the paper.For this you need the recipe for schoolchildren.

Learning to write individual letters

In this case, you must re-learn how to write letters, carefully prescribing all elements from start to finish.Doing this regularly is recommended, but not forced.To achieve sustainable results, to enable mechanical memory should prescribe individual letters and words on the pages.

Practical advice

You can also use some practical advice on how to make beautiful handwriting:

  • must select a handle that is comfortable to hold in hand.First, you can try writing pen in the air sweeping large letters, as if you are writing on a blackboard.Exercise can help control the movement of arms and the letters to make a straight.
  • You can try to write a few letters of the various options and choose the one that suits you.To do this, you can pay attention to other people's style of writing (poets, philosophers, writers or just your friends).The characteristic swirls, shape, tilt and others. This will help you find your style of writing.
  • How to make beautiful handwriting?This exercise helps to promote the development of fine motor finger knitting, weaving, sculpture, embroidery and so on. D.
  • is also possible to find a favorite handwriting sample of handwritten or computer fonts can.And try to simulate it carefully.
  • In answer to the question of how to write beautiful handwriting well to meditation.To do so, imagine how you write smoothly and beautifully.You can even come up with an affirmation that will help accelerate the achievement of the desired result.

thus adjust and improve the handwriting is quite possible, and age is not a hindrance in this.The main thing is to be patient and diligently as schoolchildren, strictly prescribe all the exercises that are given in Exercise books.It will be nice as a result of signing calligraphy greetings on the card or fill out important documents!