Repeating the stars: The best hairstyles for fine hair

you have thin hair?This does not mean that you will have a lifetime to go with sluggish and lifeless locks.Firstly, there are many styling's Skin and funds that thicken hair (it masks, serums, conditioners with vitamins and proteins).And secondly, there are hairstyles that visually turn thin hair into a lush.

suitable hairstyle just transforms hair like lipstick makes lips plump and seductive, and increases the eyeliner and makes it more expressive eyes.Select one of the best hairstyles for fine hair:

1. shoulder length

great length hair and straightens their burdens.Very long hair rarely look bulky and bushy.But, shoulder length, on the contrary, adds volume.Referring to the shoulders, the hair naturally springs and lifted.

How to: To organized hair volume at the shoulders, and avoid too many styling tools at the ends.Another tip: good rinse conditioner, or no volume will fail.

2. Graduated Bob

As you know, not long locks - always good for fine hair.The solution - the eternal classic bob hairstyle.Ask a wizard to create long strands in the front, and short - behind.Thus, the volume is created behind the hair and generally will look denser and thicker.

How to: Apply to clean damp hair mousse for volume and start to dry the hair dryer back using a strong stream of air, raising the hair on the top from the bottom up.A front dry strands with a round brush backwards, downwards.

3. Thick bangs

No matter how long and what style you choose, try bangs.Thicker looking hair in bangs option, which trimmed like a ruler.Bangs with graded strands have the opposite effect - it does not look so thick.

How to: volume bangs can happen only on clean hair.When trimming is not bemoan the hair you need is a thick fringe, which is derived from a large segment of the hair.And if your own hair is not enough, try consignment bang - this technique is often used stylists at Fashion Week, false bangs when properly selected shade look very impressive and, most importantly, naturally.

4. Butch "feathersĀ»

Short hair is much better keep the volume and elasticity than long strands.Therefore, ultra-bold butch - a good choice.Visually, the hair will look much thicker.And it's a good solution, if the hair is temporarily in need of treatment.Trimmed after the course firming masks and massage, and has regrown strands are perfectly healthy.

How to: texturizing spray creates an interesting texture of the hair, and you can adjust the stacking using lipstick or hair wax.One of the easiest pilings!And while such spectacular.

5. On one side

Another trick you can use to create the illusion of thick hair - hair styling on one side.You can choose a side parting, and it is possible - without him.The main thing that created a palpable asymmetry.The effect of volume and splendor attained.

How to: not apply conditioner to the hair at the roots and dry hair, his head bowed down.The roots of almost nacheshite and lay the ends of dry hair with a round brush, brushing.And be sure to sprinkle a small amount of the finished styling hairspray, it helps keep the volume for the whole day.

6. Staining strands

add three-dimensional hair coloring using.Suit dyeing techniques or obmre.Do not dye your hair in the shade with a total effect of "wig".Instead, choose a painting, which will be a few shades.

How to: in vogue natural shades that create the effect of sun-bleached hair.But it is not copper, but gold or bronze.It is best to make the first painting in the cabin, the color picked up specialist.

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