How to choose a mascot for good luck

Even ancient people tried all sorts of ways to protect themselves from unfriendly forces of nature.In India, a country of beautiful and bizarre rocks, born faith in the power of their precious copies.Ancient Indians also believed that they have healing properties.Each is made of stones personal talisman for good luck.Subsequently, the doctrine of the useful qualities of minerals spread more widely, both geographically and by time frame.Many scientists studied the magical properties of stones, and even to this day people carry a suitable sample for them as talismans to attract good luck.For information on how to choose a relevant mineral and what are the qualities of each of them, this article will tell.

How to identify your stone?

When selecting the stone itself, to continue to take it as a talisman for good luck, you need to immediately enter into interaction with him.It should be like to experience it on the mental level, determine good you feel in his presence, whether he likes you.If the stone is attracted to you, then it is possible to make a talisman for good luck.Otherwise, its properties can play against you and even hurt you.Another factor in choosing the amulet is its harmony with the appearance of man.In particular, the basis for the election can serve as eye color.Thus, according to this theory, the owner of the green eyes are perfect like caramel stones such as agate, turquoise, malachite and chrysoprase.Eyed opt needed to Goldstone, carnelian or dark amber.Those with blue eyes, perfect stones orange and golden color, for example, heliotrope, hyacinth or yellow topaz.There is an alternative basis for the selection of stone, to continue to create from it a talisman for good luck - astrology.Pick up a mineral needed in accordance with the planet, under which a person was born.So, the people of the Sun (Lions) suitable diamond and chrysoberyl.Moon person (crabs) will be reflected in these stones, pearls, emeralds.Aries suit ruby, while the Scorpio - garnet.For Twins best option would be opal to Dev - yellow sapphire.Sagittarius has to look and feel sapphire Pisces - amethyst.People Venus (namely Libra and Taurus) will like paparandzha and hyacinth.Aquarius is considered a stumbling aquamarine and Capricorn - blue spinel.

What characteristics have the stones?

Before making amulets and talismans for good luck, you need to become familiar with the qualities of each of the minerals.If you want to find love, in this case, you can help aquamarine and garnet, and the carbuncle, chalcedony and ruby.To the contrary, to limit the passion and cool his ardor, you need to carry with them sapphire, amethyst.A strong advocate of the disasters and the evil eye are agate, hyacinth, turquoise, coral, and a beryl.Stones business people are considered to be a diamond and chrysoprase.Supruzhskogo recognized symbols of happiness pearls, turquoise, carnelian and topaz.