How to call Bloody Mary: a warning and a guide to action

All mystical, otherworldly creatures just as much and humanity in the world, luring people striking paintings of supernatural realities, completely destroying critical thinking into accepting rationally unfounded legends, myths.All that is beyond the understanding of all the unexplainable, unknown causes not only fear but also a burning interest.Especially intriguing average citizen is one of the most dangerous esoteric action - a call of a spirit.To find out how to call the Bloody Mary, and what the consequences might be, you need to find out who was the real prototype of this ghost.According to one version, nicknamed Bloody Mary Queen Mary English in a rigid manner of government.And uncontrollable "passion" for the abduction of children of the spirit due to the fact that the queen had several miscarriages, and she went wild on the loss of their unborn babies.Another version - folk legend about the ghost of Bloody Mary goes around the world since 1987 and tells the story of an elderly woman who everyone thought a witch as an old woman led a solitary life on the edge of a dense forest.At one point in the village began to disappear without a trace little girls, and the villagers had no doubt that it is the work of the local witch.Frenzied mob rushed to the house of a witch, they seized the unfortunate and burned at the stake.Dying in the devouring flames, the old woman cried a terrible curse: "Anyone who dares to utter her name in vain, will die in terrible pain."

How to call Bloody Mary: an algorithm of actions

Every brave, thinking about how to bring a Bloody Mary to start is to decide on the time and place of the ceremony, more appropriate for the action.Many well-versed in this matter only recommended to call the spirit of the night.Because the cause Bloody Mary day is problematic, because will have to look out of direct sunlight room.A prerequisite is the presence of a mirror ritual, it is desirable to sufficiently impressive size.If wanting to experiment with the other is not enough of the imagination, it is possible to see the pre-conditions and sequence of actions in the media.In search of an answer to the question of how to call a Bloody Mary, a photo sure to tell.And the photos of the actions are not so rare and specific periodicals and on the Internet.According to the instructions you need to go in a dark room to a large mirror, a pre-lit candles.Peering intently into the mirror, seriously, as if to chant three times to say catchphrase: "Bloody Mary!" After that, you can see the evil spirit just behind his left shoulder.It is recommended to take certain precautions, because disturbed the ghost can be set extremely unfriendly.Among the most common - a pentagram drawn on his left cheek, or on the floor between a man and a mirror.They say that in this case the spirit will not cause harm.However, it is worth considering that the other world is full of surprises, and not the fact that you will be just the one you are calling.If all of a sudden instead of the expected coming into the reflection mirror caller sees something different, albeit not entirely clear, it is necessary to leave the premises immediately.In any case, look in the mirror is strictly prohibited, unless the road is life.

still thinking about how to bring a Bloody Mary?Then consider

According to unconfirmed reports, raging ghost appearing, can brutally crack down on the man challenged him: scratch eyes bring to mind and just tighten the looking glass.Even when seemingly esoteric amateur did it right, and Mary never appeared in the mirror, did not respond to the call, do not resent and cynically convince others in absurdity all been done.Perhaps it will be only when it does not wait.