Meaning of colors: callas are not only white

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Calla - a perennial herb.It is home to South Africa.Calla lilies are divided into two groups.Large plants (more than 150 cm in height) are usually white flower.Another group features a large variety of colors.Flower itself in height no more than 50 centimeters.His scent reminiscent vanilla.Sniffing it once, you will forever love this plant.

value calla flowers in different countries is different.For dozens of years, which is a plant grown in Europe have developed dozens of opinions and stereotypes about it.Some consider it a winter flower.For others, it should only grow in a greenhouse, and only with special care.Such opinions can list a great many.However, not all of them deserve attention.In fact Calla unpretentious and can get used to almost any conditions.

value calla flowers may be different, depending on the situation.This is one of the few types of flowers, which can be present in a single copy, and it will look great.Calla may have very different color: white, maroon, all shades of red, yellow, pink.Handing someone that divine flower, you give not only its beauty, but also elegance and incredible tenderness.A matchless aroma will not leave anyone indifferent.So magnetism have gorgeous flowers callas.

their value is interpreted as follows.These flowers usually give the men the women.If you are presented with a bouquet, you can be sure that the donor is not indifferent to you.He is full of respect and admiration for you.He is ready to bow my head in front of you and raise you up on a pedestal.To him, you are the ideal, and can not for a moment doubt his intent - they are more than serious.All of this can tell you a beautiful calla lilies.The value is transferred to the flower and the donor.He is also possible in this case to say much.This man is admired not only your appearance.He feels the your soul.It is unordinary and inventive.Despite the fact that the flower can be presented in a single copy, the choice of such a gift speaks of the purity of the intentions and thoughts of man.

value flowers callas widely.This beautiful plant is so self-sufficient that the bouquet does not require a large amount of jewelry.It may consist of one or several colors.The absence of any decorative elements underscores the exceptional beauty and tenderness of colors.

In some European countries the value of flowers calla lilies is treated quite differently.These beautiful flowers are used at the funeral.They give it a home, and then to the cemetery.In this regard, to give them in everyday life is not accepted, and the bride's in no hurry to make them wedding bouquets and decorations.Despite the fact that they look great in this role.

In our country there is no such restrictions.These flowers are considered a symbol of balance, peace, splendor, purity and feminine beauty.Therefore, the popularity of these colors from year to year.Increasingly, you can see them in the hands of the happy bride and elegant composition festive bouquet.