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can rent everything from real estate to humans.The Internet offers a rental for friends and handyman.But if the first service looks pretty doubtful, then the second in Russia is actively used by large and medium-sized companies: one in hopes to evade taxes, while others - to reduce costs, and others - cope with the seasonal rush jobs.Sami same people agree to "lease" often in despair.

- I have been working for two years, - says Irina, an accountant from Perm.During the crisis, it, like many, have reduced.After the dismissal of the month she was at home, and then turned to the recruitment agency, where she was immediately offered a job on a specialty, but only for six months.- I agree, but what to do?Living on the fact that something needs to be.I was told that it will look as if the company rents me the agency.They called it outstaffing.In general, during this time I have worked in three different companies.And in none including in state.And I kind of documents periodically work in the agency.There is work - we contract.And when the company does not need more than an accountant, dissolve the contract, and once again I am waiting for new proposals.

Such strange labor relations recruitment agencies have long practiced, as much from the 98th year.In fact there are two ways to hire staff: outstaffing and leasing.In this and in another case, personnel officers - are intermediaries between companies that need a temporary worker, and of the applicant.During that recruiters receive a fee, an average of 10% of salary leased or if the company is required, for example, one hundred managers to call center, negotiate individually.At the same time, as in the case with Irina, the candidates "belong" to the recruiting agency, not the company, which is temporarily working.

- If the company is small, only a dozen people, it makes no sense to keep the permanent personnel officer, a lawyer or an accountant: it's more paperwork and superfluous staff unit - says Svetlana Belova, head of HR-practices "Empire personnel."- That's them and rentals.

According to her, is that this form of work is used to test a new employee: enter into a contract for three months, but the staff did not take to avoid problems later with the dismissal.Most often hire salespeople on a particular project.If they are successfully usually they are left in the state.

- I remember one company so even tested CFO - says Svetlana.

addition of temporary personnel officers and accountants, agencies lease sales consultants, IT-specialists, clerks, merchandisers, porters, cleaners and so on. D. Clients can be anyone: banks, large manufacturing, retailers.According to Olga Kalaushinoy, Director of Staff-leasing company Kelly Services, mainly temporary staff hired Western companies for which this form of work is quite familiar.

- Let's say the company needs marketing - it is launching a new project.Please contact us and we select them professionals.When the project comes to an end, if the employee has not drawn up in the state, it is still in our database, in which case we can again draw, - says Olga.

In 2008-2009, through the company Kelly Services found a temporary job for 8-10 thousand people, before the crisis, there were twice as many - 20 thousand people.To explain the decline in demand is simple: companies have tried and are trying to save on everything, including personnel, and therefore employ less - someone with clenched teeth and tightening the belt, refuses sixth secretary or IT-hour technical support.

Now in Russia, about 45% leased workers at work, a little more - about 50% - in the service sector (according to Kelly Services).

- We are hiring temporary personnel only if absolutely necessary, for example by increasing the volume of goods or the conclusion of contracts with new customers, and usually for a short time from one day to two or three months - says Elena Selina,HR manager of DHL Express Russia.

So a DHL save time and effort searching for employees, especially when urgently needed additional staff or replacement employee.

- The Agency, as a rule, there is a base of people willing to work on temporary projects, especially if projects for large organizations.In my experience, - says Elena, - wishing is always there.In this case, a temporary employee works in the project, a major international company.He then has the right to write all this in your resume.Also, this form is convenient for those who can not, for whatever reason, work on a regular basis - for example, students or people who work in shifts.Well, then, it's an opportunity to get extra income.

workers without rights

There is a myth that a leased employee is cheaper, but this is not true.Save on outstaffing or leasing company can, but not enough.Major recruitment agencies often operate "vbeluyu" and removable expert concluded contract agreement.

- We are all of the documentation, personnel and accounting for such employees, as well as any other company, are paying for their taxes deducted by all insurance payments - explains Svetlana Belova.

Companies with leased staff in this agreement save only social "buns" like corporate discounts on the fitness for office workaholics.

But "white" salary, and guarantees provided, unfortunately, not all.All these conditions are met if a person was invited to work for the long term - from three months.If the period is less than, the employee enter into a civil contract, and in this case, the savings on the manager or secretary is more than impressive.In fact, a person only receives a fee for his work and nothing else.And it is in the best case.

There is a category of personnel officers who specialize only in a short form of leasing.People over the years once a month, and even more often enter into a civil contract with the agency, while working at the same company that does not want to pay such employees sick leave, vacation and provide compensation for dismissal and personnel officers named in thishelp."Short-term employee" has no rights in the workbook it will not have any records, finally, the main thing: for the delay in wages the employer can be fined, but if the employee is decorated by civil contract, the company with a clear conscience can he longpay for it and it will be nothing.

In this case, experts advise to carefully choose an intermediary company to avoid "kidka."

- half years since I worked while studying at the institute.Quite a comfortable job: I got a call from personnel agency, said that the Secretary-General to go for the day.If I had time, I agreed, - says Elena Selina.According to her, she had no problems with the fee or with the team at the time she did not have.- Almost always called in the big Western companies, where temporary employees are used to.We have so many in the course of work.As a result, after graduation I took the postoyanku in a recruitment agency.

Svetlana Belova also believes that for students is a great opportunity on the job learning to do an internship, gain experience, to work in a completely different companies.Other experts agree the labor market with it, noting that in most cases, the students called to work for a day or two or a month and rarely refuses.

- I once worked well: in a clothing store called, they did not have enough sellers and just start winter sales - says the administrator Denis men's clothing store.- It was a living hell.We were five of these had an hour to memorize what the other advisors taught month.But we paid decently.

course, the experience and the ability to get a job in a company in which their student days at once you will not get - the prospect of attractive, only, according to the HR-specialists, no one wants to work on contracts all the time, almost all the dream of a permanent joband stable salary.

main disadvantage of all these newfangled labor relations - nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.Therefore, not every expert with experience working on fixed-term signed projects.Thus, according to the company Superjob, 57% of the 3,000 people interviewed in the course of specially for the "PP" study, agree to work under the leasing scheme, but only if the contract.Many say that a precondition must be an advance.Some say that according to the "rented" only if they have even a permanent job.In fact, our people are skeptical about all this talent games, do not want to live out of a suitcase and agree to do so only out of despair.The majority of respondents suspicious of intermediary service agencies, considering that they are unnecessary in a pair of employer - employee.Without them simpler and clearer.

Tatiana Filimonova

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