How to start a business plan for the food industry

for independent development of the competent business plan you need to have a logical mind, sufficient knowledge and training in the economic and related fields, willing to spend some time and effort to solve the problem.If all of this is available, you can proceed to the study of the enterprise, as well as the market conditions in which it operates or intends to operate.

initially during the business planning is often determined by the market or a market segment in which the company operates the food industry.This could be, for example, production, processing and preserving of meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, production of vegetable oils, products of the milling industry, sugar and many other food and beverage.Once the boundaries of the market are outlined, you can proceed to the evaluation of its capacity, the allocation of features and algorithms fluctuations of supply and demand.The study of these and other market factors, includingconsumer behavior, segmentation and positioning, has been received widespread discipline of marketing.The main tools used to organize information about the market and acting on its economic entities, perform desk and field market research.They were there a lot of species, very different in nature: for one needs a lot of funds for others it will be enough high-quality secondary aggregated information obtained from public sources.Whatever it was, after the organization of the survey, interviews, focus groups and thoughtful work with secondary sources of information can be collected is necessary for the marketing analysis structured material, which characterizes the current market situation in a particular industry: data about competitors and their promotional activities, consumers' opinions,the parameters of supply and demand.In the future, this marketing information used in the implementation of segmentation of consumers of products and services to their preferences, age, status, income level and other factors, with the release of the total weight of the groups united by a combination of several parameters.On the basis of positioning, in turn, can be carried out to develop a strategy to promote the goods or services of the enterprise and the creation of a unique offer, attractive for selected during segmentation groups or clusters of consumers.These developments and economic models as a result form the marketing section of the business plan of a company.

When considering the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise it is advisable to use a system of indicators adopted in this segment of the food industry.To evaluate the security of your computing power and productivity can be applied indicators utilization of intra workforce (as a ratio of average working time to a value as possible), security company workforce (as a ratio of the current labor requirements to the actual number of employees), average actualworking hours per 1 employee.To evaluate the security of the organization, you can use the basic means of indicators capital-labor ratio, the degree of depreciation of fixed assets, capital-coefficient disposal and updates, as well as the amount of profits before and after taxation per 1 ruble of fixed assets.

should be noted that the algorithm of action is for guidance only and represents just one of the options for setting the initial part of the business plan for the food industry.Note also that a single, unified for all sectors of business planning algorithm today does not exist, but there are a number of domestic and international procedures, which are considered common and can be used as a basis for the development of any business plan.