Constitutional control - a guarantee of the dynamic development of society

Compliance with the rule of law, as evidenced by all the centuries of experience in the development of society and is essential for normal functioning of the basic principle of any form of social organization, its vitality and dynamic development.Constitutional control is designed to ensure strict compliance with all the provisions and articles of the law of any state - the Constitution.

Without this, no social order can not count on a successful and progressive development.If not properly performed the constitutional review, the very existence of such a society may be jeopardized.That is why in Russia these issues and problems are always at the epicenter of attention.The bodies of the constitutional control of the Russian Federation and the various political parties considered the cornerstone of its activities is the spectrum of problems and issues related to ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as a clear implementation of all norms of basic law.

particularly relevant constitutional control is acquired under the current conditions of democratic reforms in the Russian state, entailed the most complex and ambitious task, which solves a huge multinational country.Thus, the essential function of the state leadership is to care for the normal functioning of the legal mechanism laid down in the basic law.

And given the current trends of development of the entire international community as a whole, the constitutional review and the problems associated with it, are the priority direction of state policy and a kind of benchmark for the Russian Federation on the path of progress and prosperity.Since the three pillars, which are based on modern concepts of democracy are the rule of law, constitutionalism and the civil society.

Global changes and transformations taking place in Russia today, affected all spheres of socio-economic, cultural and political life of the country.For further progress to progress requires a clear and strict state control and supervision over the strict observance of the constitutional and legal norms, which is a reliable guarantee for building a developed democratic state.

government institutions occupy a key position in the whole system of supervision over the observance of the rule of law as soon as they are concentrated in the hands of all of the most effective mechanisms and tools needed to monitor the implementation of the constitutional norms.The Basic Law, as the principal legal and political document of the country, establishes and regulates all aspects of the political system and the socio-economic sphere, as well as determine the form of government.

current Constitution applies to all without exception spheres of public relations, it is the legal basis for the law in general and, if I may say so, the core of the state legal mechanism.

This determines the key role of the basic law in society.The activities of all officials, private citizens and public organizations, and most importantly, government agencies, regulatory policies and defining the image of the country, must comply with constitutional norms.Without this state of law is impossible.To achieve all this is possible only in the presence of a well-functioning control system.