5 professions, representatives of which are the easiest to find a rich husband in Moscow

flight attendants, waitresses, dancers and nurses ask you not to worry - they will not help the profession to get a rich husband in white stone.

most "bread" were completely different sessions.

Job saleswomen in the grocery premium, labor management loans or opening and maintaining bank accounts, sales of expensive alcohol and tobacco in specialized boutiques, the teaching of foreign languages ​​in private, haircut and styling men's hair, selling cars and expensive clothesMen - these are the professions and activities to help girls and women to find and drive down the aisle successful top managers and just wealthy men.

Shop - a hunting reserve

With the appearance in Moscow delis and grocery stores premium for women was easier to isolate from the crowd of wealthy men.

In these stores the concentration of wealthy men per square meter, if not equal, it is close to some economic forum.It is not surprising that these meters is a real hunt.Young saleswoman from cooking predatory look around and unmarried customers with cutlets give their phones.

«I worked as a salesman in the department of cooking in one of the stores," Scarlet Sails "six months - told" Trud "Irina (name changed at the request of women).- I'm three weeks later noticed a man 35-37 years old.A solid, but his eyes were merry.He is all the time I bought the stuffed peppers and pancakes.There are two or three times a week.He began to recognize me, I have it.Smiling at each other, pereshuchivalis.And then, in about a month, he began to go almost every day to buy steam cutlets, and he was a sad, sad. "

Ira asked what had happened.It turned out that the man in the shop adjacent to the house lives my mother, she became seriously ill, and every day he goes to it, carries products.

«He told me once told how to search namuchalsya nurses that just rolled up.Then I asked him to help - after work to look for his mother to help with the housework, and cook the food. "

Help was adopted.A month later, young people began to meet.

«I do not care conversations that I, an entrepreneur, suddenly began to meet with the clerk.Do not care about the fact that many began to talk about around the Ira nasty, they say, she just found a good option.I saw in her a good man, and that she worked as a vendor - nonsense.I once worked as a janitor at the market! "- Says Sergei (name changed at his request).

Irina does not deny that after a few weeks of work in the shop keep an eye a potential boyfriend or husband."Well, what's the big deal.There are many wealthy people, many nice.When I began to meet with Sergei, the colleagues looked askance, accused me of prudence.Why, little girl 23 years old, a student, such as the frame itself vytsepit.I believe that this is hypocrisy.Anyone who has no husband, look at the eyes of buyers looking for, just not all are! "- Irina sure.

After the start of the relationship with Sergei Ira resigned from the magazine and is now getting a second degree and is engaged in household chores.

No ring, then at gunpoint

«Well, it's true that you look at it, there's a man's ring on the finger or not - told" Trud "Svetlana worked as a senior shop assistant in alcoholic boutique inthe center of Moscow.- People come respectable, intelligent, educated.They just happen to talk interesting.The more that can support the theme of whiskey, wine or rum.To begin to treat you differently, with respect and interest. "

herself Svetlana husband himself among the buyers is not found, but found his colleague, Amy."Masha, we worked for almost two and a half years, I have studied it when came here.She was a regular customer, a man of about 40, some major head of the insurance, it seems the company.They have a few months dating formed common themes, interests, he began to invite her to concerts.No, nothing special to seduce him, and dragged down the aisle, she did not just show that it is nice to her and she is not against any other, more intimate relationship. "

According to Amy, her colleague and "big boss" for almost a year living in a happy marriage.

«Our work has a long conversation with buyers, tied contacts, often you see that you want to invite somewhere.So why refuse?Decent people, we're not in the market sweatpants trade.And if this will be a good marriage, because only good "- says Svetlana.She hopes to find a husband before the end of next year.And the look is among the regular customers.They were, she said, the better you know and understand.

groom should be ironed on the head

Another profession, representatives of which it is easy to find a rich husband - is an expensive hairdresser in a salon.

«I worked in a very expensive salon for five years and I know that the man with the money during a haircut just relax.They were nice when you touch their head and hair, as if cut to accompany a light massage, then you just fell in love, and not just a haircut you will have, but want to tie relations ", - said the barber Catherine.

It sheared through, the 37-year-old man, who was the director of a branch of a large insurance company.

«I liked the way Kate works, and how it looks, behaves, her hands are very delicate.But I did not dare take her somewhere - says Catherine's husband, Vladimir.- And then she invited me to drink coffee, and I had acquired a wife, a hairdresser. "

The bank all at once seen

«When I just came to the bank to work, wondered how the girls can be so cynical to talk about men - says Oles K., working in the credit department of a major Russian bank.- Look at how many people are putting money into the account, or any early repayment of loans, and draw conclusions.We've got even such a term is - "zapisochny."

"Zapisochny" - a person who has money, a nice and very old age to 42. He can either open an account for a large sum, or to pay off the loan ahead of schedule on 50 thousand rubles or more.Such documents can be on the phone or write your address ICQ or e-mail. "

Olesya since found a future husband.She liked employee of the auditing company's "big four".

«He came early to put out a consumer loan.He has made just 170,000.I told him - just in case - to leave his card.Two months later, the guy called back.Asked about the conditions of the loan.I do not do it, brought him to the right specialist, and he invited me out on a date.Now we live together, we are going to get married.For me, the girls from Samara, who barely earned themselves a safe place, it's just a fairy tale. "

Best service - a husband

«I teach Spanish, engaged mainly entrepreneurs and mid-level managers, - says Anastasia.- Individual lessons two hours three to four times a week.When just beginning to do it immediately decided that I would use the office and find a husband among the students.She found they turned vice president of a trading company. "

honest woman says that initially just wanted to secure a comfortable life, but when she met "best pupil", then fell in love with all sincerity.And the fact that it is now the wife of a top manager and lives in a different apartment, it's just confounding factors.

Tutors, by the way, are in the most favorable conditions among men seeking to work.They can conduct individual classes, a lot of talking with a potential husband, recognize it and planned to tie a relationship.

Sellers, for example, have to do everything much faster, and the risk that the "production" slips off the hook too great.

5 professions, representatives of which are difficult to get a rich husband

* Stewardess .Passengers are constantly changing, flirting with them is prohibited corporate rules, and colleagues keep an eye on each other throughout the entire flight.* Nurse .The private clinics are often married men, and they are not interested to tie relationship with the staff.The free clinic can find a husband, but certainly not rich.* fitness instructor .Beautiful, young, attractive, but men often perceive them as competitors in the sport, and not as an object of courtship.If a girl is physically stronger than men, it is rarely dare to flirt active and even more attitude.* Taxi driver .They are few, but they are often pretty.However, the majority of men a woman makes a living driving a car, starts to irritate the very fact of its existence.* waitress .In expensive restaurants personnel prohibited from entering into any informal relationships with clients.This was strictly monitored during shifts.In addition, men in expensive pubs prefer to enjoy food and drink and the waitresses are almost always perceived only as entertainment for one night.If at all perceive.The waitresses in low-cost network institutions generally communicate with the students and the rank and file clerks, top managers of such places do not go.

price of labor

* 17 thousand rubles earns dealer network grocery stores premium category * 20 thousand rubles - Salary Wizard hairdresser * 22 thousand rubles - average monthly salary for a tutor * 27 thousand rubles receives operator in the bank * 30 thousand rubles- the salary sales assistant in the showroom

7 tips zahomutat enviable groom, without leaving the workplace

1. future husband is better to choose from the permanent and not occasional customers, so take from two weeks to a monthto reconnoitre. 2. Demonstrate that you are well versed in what they do.Your goal - not to dump him a ton of knowledge, and to engage in more or less a long conversation in which you can learn more about it, but at the same time demonstrate a sense of humor and melody of his own voice. 3. Pass potential suitors in your contact information, but not on a napkin, and a business card.Make it clear that it may look to you for advice on business matters, you gladly give him advice.This is easily accomplished sommelier wine boutiques, sales manager at the car dealership, bank employee and a hairdresser. 4. Be polite, but reserved with other customers, and your smile more often and for a long moment staring directly into the eyes.Thus you will show that, on the one hand, the equally well treat all around, and on the other, that it is to feel sympathy for this man.It could push him, for example, to an invitation to a meeting. 5. show him you care.Let's tips to help save time and money, make appointments at a convenient time.Help specific advice, which is based on your knowledge of the man.For example, sellers of products or alcohol is best to remember that it prefers future husband, and try to anticipate his wishes. 6. If you see that a candidate for a husband sets you apart from your colleagues, let them know that you are worthy more that you are not just a "function", but interesting and erudite woman.For example, in the case say that you are moonlighting seller to say, save up for tuition.It is important for employees or expensive delis operatsionistok banks.Or let them know that you are working here because you're interested in what you are selling - a sommelier in the wine boutiques, vendors in showrooms. 7. you already know what time your potential husband appears on your work.Make it so that at this point you have been there, but "civil".Take the day off, and as if by chance go to work.This will help the "victims" to perceive you as a beautiful woman who can be invited somewhere.

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