Angela: meaning of the name and the nature of its owners

Angela - is the Latin name.Options Name: Angelika, Angelina.Shorten sounds "Face".The value of the name Angela - "messenger belonging to the angel."The corresponding zodiac sign - lion.Its protection is the planet Venus.As a talisman can be used turquoise or lapis lazuli.The most suitable colors for this name - purple and blue.The most successful days of the week are considered to be Wednesday and Saturday.Angela's Name Day celebrated July 14th.

childhood and school years

From childhood Angela moody and impatient.She always tries to be the center of attention, and if it fails to attract the interest of others, very angry.She soon gets bored, she starts to act up.This appears before us girl Angela.The value name is far from reality.After Angela selfish, quick-tempered and impulsive, does not look like an angel.This image we associate with the cute and obedient girl who illuminates all his love and kindness.While the real grit of the same name often provokes quarrels and conflicts because of their unrestrained emotions.Sometimes she wants to get everything at once.

With the beginning of school life can be seen how the Angela.The value of the name in those years: a high ability to learn thanks to the excellent memory.She is intelligent and all the catches on the fly, so the lessons are not spending a lot of time, and has a high valuation.But still a pupil prefers the humanities.Therefore, when choosing a school for girls of the same name need to take this into account.It is easy to meet new people, but if their interests do not coincide with the interests of Angela, they become her friends.That is why her little friends.But those who have received this honor can be sure that in difficult times Angela will always help.As for some classes during the school period, the girls with this name very often changing tastes, interests and views.Therefore, parents need to try to focus daughter on something specific in order to teach a little to constancy.

Adult Angela

name value after age - the desire to develop intellectually.She is constantly trying to expand their horizons.Thanks to their knowledge, it is easy to feel in any society, is able to support any conversation.But at the same time, it is still selfish.In addition to the foregoing, Angela is able to set a goal and achieve it.The girl looks stylish, but does not seek to steal the show with their beauty.Even if she does not have nice features, it highlights their makeup, so it remains a catchy and effective among the crowd.It is hard to miss - it's Angela.

name value influences the choice of interlocutor.She will not talk to stupid people.It does not tolerate vulgarity, hypocrisy and boastfulness.It attracted ordinary people, from which it can learn something new.In communicating with the opposite sex is cold and arrogant, very rarely flirts.But this is as long as it does not encounter true love.

Angela, born in different seasons

Despite the general characteristics of the name Angela, born at different times of the year, they have their own distinctive features.

example, if the name Angela is given to a child born in the winter, then reaching adulthood, she often goes unmet.And her sexual advances are great.
She is jealous, sometimes it causes aggression in it.

Spring Angela is very wary of the feelings of men, to some extent does not trust them.Married balanced and patient.Honors morals.Sexual relations in her stand in the background.

Summer owner of that name full of mystery and romanticism.She loves adventure.Often dreams and his dreams tries to bring to life.In sexual terms set free, but otherwise cool with men.

Autumn Angel - a serious, smart.Constantly seeking to develop their horizons.Men are very hard to communicate with her, as she suppresses all her intelligence.


often sick, so be aware of the full rest and sleep.It is advisable to spend more time outdoors.To maintain health it is recommended to do sports such as swimming or tennis.