How are payments to employees while reducing?

Often staff leaves the company at his own request, or in connection with a number of offenses committed by him in the course of business.But sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to reduce staff in order to maintain the same performance.Employer is unprofitable to make out the above reason for dismissal under Articles TC since rely huge payments to employees while reducing.Unscrupulous leaders seek out other ways to solve the problem, which often leads to scandals.

observe the rules

So, if an employee is legally competent person, any attempt of cheating on the part of leadership will not succeed, because the payments made to the employee while reducing mandatory.It should be understood that the procedure for reducing staff must be justified and conducted strictly on the statutory plan.If the company decides to liquidate the organization, and if the maintenance performance at an acceptable level requires a certain category of layoffs, management must give advance notice of any such plans the entire staff.And not enough to put ads on the general information board, it is necessary for each person to introduce the order or instruction.That fact is recorded in a separate journal where painted all employees.In addition, everyone should know that the authorities can not simply dismiss an employee in good faith, return the head is required to offer another position, appropriate education and work experience.Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the presence of such articles in the Labour Code of the Russian Federation.And the owners of businesses and companies are not willing to lay on additional responsibilities, so shamelessly ignore the above-mentioned principle.

What payments are made when an employee reduction?

So said the director of the planned reduction of staff in two months.Now, the staff knows what to expect, so you may be interested in available positions.Many companies offer a documented statement of his own accord.This is due to the reluctance to incur additional costs, the position of each employee when the dismissal is held to reduce.Payments after the announcement of the official decision should be carried out three times.Two salaries laid for months actually worked, and the third is called severance pay.Its size is not less than the average monthly salary.

payment of severance pay while reducing: important nuances

As mentioned above, the employee has the opportunity to find a free position within two months.As a rule, qualified specialists are ready to take a lot of companies.In this case, the employee wrote a statement that he is not against the early termination of the employment relationship.However, he loses the right to receive payment when the employee reduction.Its size is calculated from the number of days remaining until the date of the planned layoffs and the average monthly salary.If the employee was dismissed, and a new job can not be found, you must be sure to register with the state employment service within two weeks.Then he will be able to officially claim the payment of wages for the second and third month of work.