Which man is better not to start a relationship?

Not all men can meet - it's a fact.Some are not created for a relationship and it is clear at once.And some, like all good starts, but as a result they bring a woman only pain and disappointment.Therefore, we made a small sample and created a "risk group" - 10 men, which is better in terms of relationships to bypass tenth expensive.

- Mama's Boy.

Here everything is banal.Immature fellow who is not able to make their own decisions and take responsibility for them.Always looking for a strong woman to hide behind the skirt.

- eternal boy.

These diffident to the bone men will look for life support of its youth and perky.And when you're sitting at home with the child, he just to avoid routine and responsibility, will ride to the clubs.

- chronic womanizer.

not change it simply can not, for it is as much the norm as breathing.And how can be considered casual sex cheating?He was protected, you were so worried!

- Ambitious, Workaholic.

This man you will always be in second place.He is always in his ear hands-free and always ready for business meetings, where this was not the time.In bed with you?Why not?

- Nadlomanny type.

Usually girls are pecking at these guys.It is sort of a "crying a bad fight," a dark, but so attractive soul.He has bad habits and the sea hidden neuroses, but I want to take care of him, it wants to be protected from unfair life.Just remember that you'll have to do it consistently.

- Metrosexual.

He you will always be in second place, immediately after it, loved.By the way, in the mirror, he will look to 2 times more often and longer than you.

- adrenaline junkie.

These guys just can not live in peace.They always need somewhere to jump, dive somewhere ... And in the relationship they also need a constant extreme, intensity of feelings.Think, do you not tired of this ...

- gambler.

This is another "addict" - a painful passion.It will be infinitely disappear where there is the opportunity to play in the casino or poluazartnye game formats.And he's willing to put money on it ... Its past and yours.

- Alien husband.

Different situations happen in life, of course.But such a relationship spoils your karma, and, as they say, "on the suffering of others happiness can not be built."

- pathological jealous.

He is excitable, hysterical and unrestrained as his "cover" another fit of jealousy.And he's jealous of each post.Then he regrets and repents ... But why do you need these relationships "calm the storm-storm-new"?

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