Makes the list for the day

Ā«The day is lived not in vain!" One way or something so I would like us to think every night, recalling with satisfaction on the work done for the day.Not many can boast.A rare "instancesĀ» homo sapiens, who is unable to enjoy the simple rule: make-do list for the day.How?Who know.


Find the most convenient way of doing records - for example, a notebook computer, phone, stickers.The main thing is that they are always in sight, handy, because you certainly do not want to spend valuable time looking for records and memories, that the order in which it was planned.And when the to-do list for the day ever comes to you on the eye, the likelihood of its implementation increased by several times.


daily and nightly better planning - the key to your success.Just think back and set out in writing everything you need to perform in the near future.

do list for the day

On the basis of the plan make a sample of cases that require immediate implementation.Write them on a priority basis.Ide

ally, the next to each item you put a time period during which the task must be completed.We should not overload the list of chores.Well, if the number of priorities will not be more than three.

Working with a list

Do not forget to record the changes, if any, occur.In time to make adjustments to the daily plan to meet new circumstances.So your program is "to-do list for the day" will never give failure.

Celebrate made

deleted from the list made a business or place close plus an exclamation mark, bird, flag, smiley or any other promotional-optimistic icon that would feast for the eyes and soul.This method is good as extra motivation, such as bonuses in games.

Apply color perception

fill lists with ink of different colors.For example, a list of good deeds, those that you perform the most pleasant - green, urgent - a red, late - black and so on. D.


the course record of doing things in the fields necessary comments or iconic labels.They are great to help you in the further implementation of the scheduled list.


Do not inflate the list on the day of non-essential items, self-evident problems.It was nice to do twenty victorious marks that performed during the day.But very soon the appearance of such a flurry of activity you are weary, and the mass of the planned affairs will cause hostility.The list should be just basic tasks.


Important!Between chores must be a break.Note, not during the job, and after it before a new one.


Self-discipline leads to the summit of human skill, straight to reach the goal.Sign a another good habit: every evening to report himself.This will be the beginning of drawing up the plan for tomorrow.The circle is closed.We have come to the point where they started.

more planning

Do not be surprised that very soon you will need to compile lists for the week, month, and set goals for the year.

Good luck!