Why dream of a cat?

What does it mean if you had a cat?Various downers give different interpretations.So why dream cat?Here are some of the interpretations:

- Ivory, generally means an intuitive, subconscious "I".

- The cat is a symbol of strength and grace, bliss and independence.

- The cat is usually the epitome of feminine essence, a goddess who lives in


- Cat, above all, can act as a symbol of treachery.

- Black Cat, depending on the region where you live, may portend

better luck or in serious trouble.

Interpretation of Dreams, in which the cat is one of the actors, can have the opposite meanings depending on the animal's suit.

good interpretation:

- If you dream you saw a dark cat, then very soon you will relax in

sanatorium.To realize a dream in life you need to carry a small amount of

cat's fur.

Poor interpretation:

- If you dream you appeared bright cat, then soon you will

choose between moral principles and career growth.To this

not happen, it is necessary at night to light a candle, pour coffee on it and go to sleep.

What dream cat, gives the following interpretation of the dream books of different nations:

- Dreaming cat - extremely unfavorable, since it is a sign of bad


- Caress a cat in a dream - a sign of doubt or mistrust.

- If a cat being fondled, then you will have a meeting with the treacherous temptress


- If you dream bitten by a cat (the cat), it means that you will soon become ill.

- dreamed kittens - have arrived.

- Playing with a cat - a sign of infidelity.

Why dreaming cat - offers an interesting interpretation of the dream book of Nostradamus:

- The cat is a symbol of evil forces, witchcraft, comfort, good luck and shrines.If you dream to see the tabby, coming to the city, then I will be meeting with the man carrying the wisdom from above, while the people regarded as a sign of the appearance of the cat.

- If you had a huge cat, with the size of a lion, while he was lying on the doorstep, so your well-being depends on you and your well thought-out policy.

- Black cat with red eyes - a sign of evil intent in your address.Such a situation could result in bloodshed.

- Cat, dressed in robes of skins of mice - a sign of embezzlement.

- City filled cats - a symbol of environmental disaster.

- basket with kittens, which are the palace, is the coming to power of a strong, but unpredictable man.

- A pack of cats to pounce on the dog - the confrontation between good and evil.

- Tabby in a mousetrap represents violence over man - a messenger of higher powers.

- Cat couple, adorned with colored ribbons, symbolizing an event that will unite the people and their rulers, who had never before worked together.

- If a cat pours wine in a silver bowl - expect good luck and prosperity.

No less interesting interpretation of the value of what dreaming cat can be found in Aesop.Here are some excerpts from it:

- If you dream you saw to wash the cat - expect guests.There is a chance to meet old and good friends.

- Cat, for which the hunting dog - a warning.The man who saw this scene in a dream, in any case, should not deceive their friends.It is fraught with the end of the friendship.

- Little kitten hiding from the dog on a tree means that in real life, caution should be exercised.

- A cat that hunts for mice, portends trouble in your real life.

- If the cat scratched you in a dream, then in front of you in big trouble.If the cat drove nails into your chest - which means mental anguish, sorrow and grief.

As can be seen, the interpretation of dreams with a cat or cats can be quite varied - from the encouraging to expectations of negative events.Involuntarily, I want to say:

- What dream, a cat?Do not you come to us in a dream!Live close, cute purring and brings joy to their owners in real life!Here you are more predictable!