Types of roofing materials.

When choosing a modern roof should be considered as practical considerations as well as the aesthetic side of the issue.Roof represented the widest range of roofing materials, which can be divided into five types.

piece roofing materials are the oldest and most aesthetic kryshi.Oni material used in the construction of the set centuries ago.This category includes traditional tiles and wooden elements.Undoubtedly, the traditional roof tiles made of clay the most durable, but it differs significantly in weight.Ceramic analogue has an attractive appearance, but this will serve cherpitsa not more than 50 years.

Slate (asbestos sheet) - a pioneer in the market of roofing sheet type.His lifetime and 50 years, but it has a significant drawback.Its strength is the weak point because, alternatively galvanized sheets were made of aluminum or steel.They certainly are lower, but the embodiment is more advantageous from a mechanical point of view.Some real examples of completed roofs you can see here.

Bitumen wavy sheets of cardboard and metal are the modern heirs of the slate.Roofing cardboard-based short-lived, its service life is 25-30 years.A disadvantage of metal is a sound output that occurs during rainfall.Quite often, roofing work performed using roll roofing, based on bitumen and bitumen-polymer materials - guided roof.This coating does not have frost and subject to decay.

But, despite this, roll roofing is ideal when you do not apply other kinds of devices roof.If you are interested in the roof, the company Kirov offer a bulk variant of the roof.The filler (or mastic) is formed directly on the roof top of the building.Thus, the base of the roof poured zhidkovyazky oligomeric product that adheres well to the bituminous material, concrete and metal.

for flat roofs with massive base and not used as housing, apply membrane technology coatings.On the roof of the building served rubbery polymer material that expands to the required size.This type of roofing that can last up to 30 years old can be placed on top of the coating.

However, this should not be abused.After all, this coating does not weigh so little.Ipoh that if you constantly stick to the old web material layers, the load on the ceiling can become very large.And if you take into account the snow load, which in some regions, it is not small, it is better not to do more than 4-6 layers of roofing surfaced.