How to lay linoleum: selection, preparation, packing

How to lay linoleum?This question is raised by many consumers.If you are not a professional, but you want to put it alone in his apartment, then this article is for you.To begin to determine the type of linoleum.It is usually made of different materials.Advantages him strength, elasticity, moisture resistance, acid resistance, it does not transmit fats.For it is easy to look after.Instead of expensive detergents best to use hot water with small amounts of conventional soap.Linoleum has high sound insulation and thermal insulation.

How to lay linoleum?First, you need to select.Thus it is necessary to pay attention not only on the color and design, but also, most importantly, his hygiene.In eco-friendly materials must be present markings.For each room there is a coating with specific technical characteristics.Because of these characteristics, according to the European classification system, linoleum is divided:

  • for premises (denoted by number 2);
  • for office space (denoted by number 3);
  • for industrial premises (denoted by the numeral 4).

load intensity also designated in this way: number one - the low intensity of the two - the average, three - high and four, respectively, is very high.Combinations of these two numbers, and will help you choose the right cover.

heat and sound insulation depends on the thickness and the presence of the foam base.This framework helps the coating does not deform, having sufficient density, it increases the resistance of linoleum to various influences, such as walking on his heels, but remember, it is easy to deteriorate under high temperatures and sharp objects.

for kitchens is better to use a finishing material with an additional layer of lacquer.This will ensure hostess quick and easy cleaning.For a child's room - with an antibacterial effect, which give the silver ions allocated to them in the air.

How to lay linoleum?First, prepare the work surface.Stack it can be at not less than fifteen degrees.Before laying the coating need to roll out on a clean and degreased surfaces to lie for a couple of days.However, if the material is exposed to low temperatures, it is not turning, leave to rest up at least a day, and only then roll out.

How to lay linoleum?Along the edges of the room he pressed baseboards.The bonded joints of double-sided tape, or the edges are joined using a special adhesive.

main conditions for laying - dryness, cleanliness and flatness of the base, with no cracks.Ensure that the work surface is dry, or over time, all the inside moldy.You have to change the linoleum, as moisture will gradually accumulate underneath.

How to lay linoleum?Getting started, the first thing:

  1. cut into pieces material must be ironed iron on the reverse side.
  2. then canvases stacked on top and press down the load.It is advisable to load pressed on the entire surface of the coating.Leave in a form for ten days.You can then continue to work.

If installing only one or two pieces of linoleum, then stick it is not required.The edges of the coating lay plinth, and the joints of panels glued double-sided adhesive tape.

All types of linoleum can be laid on the heated floor.But there is one condition - it should be ready in a few weeks before the start of work on the linoleum.

sometimes have difficulty with wooden floors.How to lay linoleum on the wooden floor?In the same way, as in all other cases.If the irregularities are so many, you can use plywood or particle board, but here, too, there are nuances.Therefore, if you are not sure that you can quickly and correctly to lay linoleum, it is best to hire the services of professionals.