How does a carburetor "Ozone"?

any car carburetor, no matter what brand it was, meant for mixing air with gasoline and further education of the fuel and air mixture.Then, the product passes into the combustion chamber of the engine by combustion therein and actuates the pistons.The torque that is generated by the motion of rods is transmitted to the wheels, whereby the vehicle starts its movement.

Regarding the described device, carburetor "Ozone" no fundamental differences from their "brothers" has not.

Also in the design of the mechanism there is a system of idling, which ensures the normal operation of the engine with a closed throttle on both cameras.


This mechanism consists of a special emulsion tube, screw the "quality" of the fuel channel, jets and screws "number."Furthermore the system has a nozzle holder of the fuel and air mechanism by which the moving air and is mixed with fuel.

The principle of

When the engine is idling, both its gate is closed.Underneath there is a vacuum, whereby the edge of the mechanism through the first chamber and the other hole, the fuel is sucked from the emulsion in the well idling.All this happens in the same first chamber.

petrol passes from the well through the fuel jets, where it mixes with air.The latter, in turn, enters the system through air jets.Thus, the carburetor "Ozone" forms a mixture of oxygen to gasoline, which is called the fuel-air.She falls down through the channels and into the engine cylinders.

himself emulsion flow is regulated so-called screw "quality", which covers the cross-section of the fuel channel.Adjusting the carburetor "Ozone" implies a reduction or increase in the flow of the substance depending on the position of the adjusting bolt.To improve the smooth adjustment there is an additional fuel passage with a private jet.This feature boasts the only carburetor "Ozone".The main feature here is that it can continuously work and serve the emulsion even with fully enclosed screw "quality."

How to extend the life of the mechanism?

carburetor "Ozone" is possible and necessary to diagnose, remove various breakdowns and clean it from all sorts of pollution.Every 40-50 thousand kilometers need to carefully handle the unit special cleaner (sold in stores such).Also do not forget about the existence of a rubber gasket, which also significantly affect the performance and life of the carburetor.

How to make tuning the carburetor "Ozone"?

If you want to increase the power of the engine without boring the block, it is possible to put in place regular jets more productive.For example, a device labeled "135" can be replaced by "150" -e jets and so on.